Sony Vision-S: Official video shows the electric car in Austria

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The electronics company's first model becomes a reality?

Sony Vision-S: Official video shows the electric car in Austria-official

A year ago, Sony showed the Vision S Concept at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The electric car looked surprisingly ready for series production, but according to Sony, the design study should definitely not go into series production.

The electronics company also repeatedly gave indications that this could well happen.

What hints? Well, just under a year ago, a video of a Vision-S prototype was released. The Erlkonig was to be brought back from Las Vegas (where the CES took place) to Graz, where the car was to be built in collaboration with Magna Steyr (and probably based on Magna Steyr's electric car platform) was developed. According to Sony, the car should be prepared for test drives on public roads after the transfer.

Photo gallery: Sony Vision-S Concept (2020)

Sony Vision-S: Official video shows the electric car in Austria-sony

These tests should start sometime in 2020, but plans are likely to have been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, now Sony has confirmed that there are indeed tests on public roads in Austria, and there is even a Sony video of the Vision-S with an Austrian license plate (see above).

Sony official statements about the tests remain vague:

"On the way to the mobility evolution, the Vision-S has reached the next level. Tests on public roads with Sony and partners began in Austria to validate safety and Sony technologies."

But no company would invest money in such a project if there was no chance of financial gain. Apparently Sony really wants to get into the electric car business, and Magna wants to sell its know-how and produce the car for money.

Sony has not directly denied rumors that the Vision-S should go into production. For us, this is more likely than that the Vision-S is just a technology study, or that Sony wants to use it to measure public interest in such a car. Speaking of which, Sony has definitely managed to attract attention with the car, and many observers have responded positively to the study. The next few years will show whether you can buy the Vision-S (or rent it as part of a car sharing program).

In addition to the Erlkonig video, Sony has released another video that sheds a little more light on the development process. The clip doesn't answer the question about the prospect of series production, but it does explain what this project is about. The video description says: "What is the Vision-S aiming at? Sony and its development partners are joining forces. The project participants talk about the future of the Vision-S."

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