Soon inexpensive hydrogen from biogas?

Soon inexpensive hydrogen from biogas?-biogas

Hydrogen is considered an energy source of the future. Worldwide is researched to win the gas available in abundance climate-neutral and efficient. Researchers of the TU Graz could now be an important step together with the start-up “Rouge H2 Engineering” to overcome hurdles in production and transport: hydrogen from biogas. The “Chemical-Looping Hydrogen-Method” has passed the practical test in a demonstration system, reports the medium belonging to the Association of German Engineers “ “.

As it is said in the message, the partners have built their technology directly next to a biogas plant. The 10 kilowatt system automatically branches about one percent of production and mixes it with water vapor. The mixture is directed into the reactor of the system where the biogas – is converted to synthesis gas over reforming. This gas reduces iron oxide into iron in a further series. In the next step, the system leads water vapor into the reactor, which reoxidized the iron to iron oxide. Hydrogen is free – with a purity of 99.99%.

This iron water vapor process is loud “ “The key and achieves an efficiency of 75%. The scientists could easily scales the system according to their own information, it says. If the total 480 cubic meters are produced by a chemical looping plant per hour produced by the biogas plant, a hydrogen production plant with a performance of three megawatts.

“We show that a chemical looping system can be integrated into an existing biogas plant,” Viktor Hacker is quoted by the Institute for Chemical Process Engineering and Environmental Technology of the TU Graz. “It creates high purity hydrogen for fuel cells from real biogas, not only in the laboratory, but actually in the industrial scale.”Foundation is genuine biogas – Methanga’s heavy skull, glycerol phase, silois and cereals.

The researchers keep their technology developed for far enough to be used commercially. “We can also produce decentralized hydrogen from real biogas on a large scale. All it needs is a little space for our plant, “says Rouge-H2 project manager Gernot Vitic.

Orders from the biogas industry are likely to come only when the produced hydrogen can be sold at an acceptable price. Even in this regard, hackers can calm down: Currently, hydrogen is offered at the gas station for ten euros per kilo. The analyzes of his team predicted a price of five euros per kilo. Thus, the process is competitive over other technologies such as electrolysis. There are prices at five to twelve euros per kilo.

Further advantage of the new method: The decentralized production could avoid long ways, it says. So far, hydrogen must be compressed or liquefied for transport. However, the problem is not completely solved. At least not for cars. Even a gas station right next to the production need a pressure of 700 bar for the filling of hydrogen cars. The new technology, however, only contributes hydrogen to 100 bar. The further compress would increase the costs. As it is “engineer.DE “means the researchers but also to alternatives – for example on the bottling in gas cylinders and the laying of hydrogen lines to residential buildings with fuel cells.

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4 thoughts on “Soon inexpensive hydrogen from biogas?”

  1. The hydrogen fans try where is only possible. And where it does not work. What does not matter to hydrogen … One should be clear: the sunny countries are likely to use him for energy transport and certainly have a significant price advantage. The hydrogen is also needed for our industrial plants.

    In vehicles we do not need hydrogen. Because to use it there is another disadvantage, namely the higher complexity and thus susceptibility and also the more expensive price of the vehicle through the more technology.

  2. “………Forecast a price of five euros per kilo. Thus, the procedure is competitive over other technologies such as electrolysis …… “

    WOW – that’s folk-blushing in pure culture!

    Only because this method is equal to electrolysis, it is “competitive”?

    The current manufacturing price for hydrogen is absolutely astronomical.

    If the kilo would cost 1 euro in production, then one could – after various taxes, duties, etc. – Maybe one or the other BEV driver bring a hydrogen car to operate.

    At a selling price of 10.- Euro the kg you do not have to think about it.

  3. In 2020, according to Statista, almost 8% of the electricity was obtained from biomass. Nearly 1/3 of the fields with corn are planted here in the area, everything goes into various biogas plants. There is not much potential in it, the current production “worthwhile” only thanks to various subsidies.
    The amounts of hydrogen, which can be produced, are simply irrelevant ..

  4. Again a meaningful article about H2. The lobbyists do not leave loose. What is available to biowaste is already not enough for the production of biogas. How should H2 be made? If you want to spoil farmland instead of food production for the production of biogas? Maybe in countries the forests can be picked up? What a nonsense.


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