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From when wrong parking costs the driver’s license

Sophia Thomalla: When wrong parking costs the driver's license-wrong

Suddenly it’s stuck under the squeegee: Most drivers are annoyed by traffic tickets

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121 Knollchen and the slope to the lawn: Actress Sophia Thomalla is no longer allowed to drive. In extreme cases, notorious parking offenders could face an even more drastic penalty.

W.should he suspect something like that too? Park without a parking ticket, pay a ticket – and still save. It works like this: In Berlin, a simple parking ticket costs ten euros; if you park your car for the duration of a working day in a place that is particularly expensive in the city center, you quickly pay significantly more with parking fees of up to 75 cents for a quarter of an hour, compared to the previous year even only five euros if you didn’t have a parking ticket.

A waste of money if you park in accordance with the rules. I think so.

The current case of TV star Sophia Thomalla shows that the bill cannot work out either. "121 Knollchen, rag off," headlined the "BZ" on Wednesday about repeated offenses by the actress in traffic.

Angry man runs over almost two people

In the United States, three men are fighting over a parking space. A man is so angry that he almost runs over two people. The video shows the terrifying footage. Source: Zoomin.TV

Now the case with the 25-year-old daughter of “Tatort” investigator Simone Thomalla is a little more complicated; apparently she also tends to rush and ignored a driving ban and was fined heavily. And it was “only” about 90 administrative offenses in connection with illegal parking within the past two years.

But even those who observe all speed limits and otherwise do not notice any safety-endangering fads at the wheel can be asked to do the so-called idiot test if they are extremely inclined to be uncomfortable about parking fees, as has now happened to Thomalla. And that is the first big step towards losing your driving license.

Doubts about fitness to drive

There are already court rulings on similar issues. For example, judges at the Saarlouis Administrative Court (Az .: 10 K 487 / 11n) found that persistent violations of parking rules gave rise to doubts about fitness to drive. This could give rise to a driver’s license withdrawal. The negotiated case concerned a keeper who accumulated 120 parking offenses within three years.

Ten apps that make parking easier

Sophia Thomalla: When wrong parking costs the driver's license-wrong

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AMPIDO Renting or renting unused parking spaces with "Ampido" – actually a really great idea, but in practice the app brings almost nothing: Due to a lack of users, there are hardly any free Sparking spaces. If you do find one, it is usually where there is an abundance of parking spaces. Test result: satisfactory, 3.80

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Sophia Thomalla: When wrong parking costs the driver's license-costs

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PARKU The free “Parku” app uses a QR code to open barriers in underground garages. Parking spaces that are not freely accessible – for example from hotels – are also available. Payment is made via PayPal direkt in the app, it is very easy to use. The data are mostly reliable, but the supply is still limited. Test result: good, 2.45

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Sophia Thomalla: When wrong parking costs the driver's license-wrong

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PARK DA The app, which is only available for Android, shows parking spaces and garages with opening times and costs. Often, however, there were information about entry restrictions and opening timesare wrong. The app is free of charge and very easy to use. Test result: satisfactory, 3.01

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Sophia Thomalla: When wrong parking costs the driver's license-wrong

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PARK 2GETHER The iOS app helps you rent and let out parking spaces. To pay, the user needs an account, the operation is a bit tricky. In the app is thatbot from "Parkopedia" (see page 85) integrated. Therefore, there is also plenty of space in parking garages. Test result: good, 1.68

Source: Computer Bild

Sophia Thomalla: When wrong parking costs the driver's license-parking

5 out of 10

ADAC PARKINFO ADAC offers the “Parkinfo” app for just under two euros. For their money, drivers get many parking garages, but hardly any parking spaces displayed. In the test it showed App sometimes had over 30 free places, in reality there were only 17. Prices and opening times were also often wrong. Test result: satisfactory, 4.03

Source: Computer Bild

Sophia Thomalla: When wrong parking costs the driver's license-parking

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PARKING APP 2 The "ParkenApp 2" finds free parking garages, reminds you of the end of the parking time and the location of the car. However, the dates were often incomplete and incorrect, opening timeten completely absent. In addition, the service is annoying, and despite free spaces nearby, they sometimes sent the testers half a kilometer through the city. Test result: satisfactory, 4.03

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Sophia Thomalla: When wrong parking costs the driver's license-wrong

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FIND MY CAR A simple app is "Find my Car". It remembers where you parked. Optionally, notes and pictures can be saved and a timer can be set. The free app for The iPhone and Android can’t do a lot, but they do everything they’re supposed to do pretty well and look chic at the same time. Test result: satisfactory, 2.50

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Sophia Thomalla: When wrong parking costs the driver's license-parking

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EASYPARK If you type in the number at the parking ticket machine in the app, you can pay for the parking space directly and without a ticket. That works, but you need a sticker on the Windsprotection screen that informs police officers that the driver has paid by cell phone. The operation is cumbersome. Test result: satisfactory, 3.65

Source: Computer Bild

Sophia Thomalla: When wrong parking costs the driver's license-parking

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PARKOPEDIA opening times, prices, payment methods, access restrictions and more: “Parkopedia” knows a lot and is thanks to up-to-date and complete data as well as the high coverage worth its price of up to 2 euros. The app is also available for Windows Phone. Test result: good, 1.52

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Sophia Thomalla: When wrong parking costs the driver's license-wrong

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BMW PARKING ASSISTANT The “BMW Parking Assistant” app remembers the location and the remaining parking time, but is now out of date and sometimes no longer starts. When the app starts, she even includes the way back to the car before the parking time is up. However, “Find my Car” does exactly the same thing and is more reliable. Poor test result. 5.00

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The ADAC sees it similarly: If the behavior of a driver through frequent parking violations suggests that he is "deliberately and permanently disregarding the traffic regulations", this could result in the loss of a driver’s license. The consequences are even threatening if the parking tickets are always paid.

The traffic offender is first asked to take the "idiot test", the medical-psychological examination (MPU). If he does not pass the MPU or sweaty deadlines, the driver’s license is gone. According to the German Lawyers’ Association, the withdrawal of the rag due to illegal parking is something like the last resort, if nothing else helps, i.e. from a mark of around 60 tickets per year and no MPU report.

The medical-psychological examination is one of the most feared scenarios for drivers. Those who are well informed and well prepared in advance have a good chance of passing it. The Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) has collected tips, information and tips on the subject and published them on the Internet.

Some companies, such as TuV Sud, offer serious preparation for the MPU. The costs are between 89 and 594 euros. When talking to the examiner, traffic offenders should pay attention to their choice of words, advises "Auto-Bild". Rash sentences could have far-reaching consequences. Excuses like “I usually have my alcohol consumption under control” imply, for example, that in some cases it cannot be controlled.

The number of driving exams has increased

In the opinion of the experts, anyone who describes "lightning systems as pure rip-offs" is happy to deliberately disregard speed limits. The opinion that one has to assert oneself in today’s traffic is also interpreted negatively by experts. You can see this as aggressive behavior at the expense of others. It makes more sense not to memorize any questions and not to see the MPU as a punishment, but as an opportunity to change one’s behavior and thereby regain one’s driving license.

According to the BASt figures, 94,819 drivers had to have their driving ability checked in the previous year, almost one percent more than in the previous year. As in previous years, alcohol abuse was the most common reason for MPU; in more than half of all assessments, people with too much alcohol in their blood were caught. However, the numbers have declined slightly, by two percent. The number of MPUs in the narcotics sector has risen by six percent.

Around 57 percent of all examined drivers were rated as "suitable". Almost 36 percent were classified as “unsuitable” and around seven percent as “suitable for retraining”. If the MPU does not grant the driver’s license, those affected can apply again after a certain period of time.

By the way: Even those who only ignore fines can end up in jail – in extreme cases also in connection with repeated parking sins. If the decision is not paid, the enforcement authority can, according to the Hamburg traffic lawyer Daniela Mielchen, impose so-called compulsory detention.

Sophia Thomalla was also informed of a similar option: “There are people who end up in jail for persistent driving without a license. I hope she now knows what the hour has come, "said the judge in charge of the Tiergarten district court, according to" BZ ".

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