Spain: Fast chargers at 1000 major gas stations?

Spain: Fast chargers at 1000 major gas stations?-chargers

In Spain, from 2023, more than 1,000 large gas stations will each have to offer at least one fast charging point for electric vehicles. This is what a proposal now published by the Spanish Ministry of the Environment for a ministerial decree envisages, from which “” quoted. Of the scheme would therefore be petrol stations, which would settle more than five million liters of fuel per year or have a “relevant size” in their area. If there is no gas station with the required sales in certain areas, the largest gas station in the area should be obliged.

As the magazine further reports, according to the ministry, “more than 1,000 gas stations” will have to set up charging infrastructure unless they fall under one of the exceptions – for example if the charging station cannot be technically implemented on site. However, there should be further differentiation: locations that sold more than ten million liters of petrol or diesel in 2019 (i.e. before the effects of the corona pandemic) must operate at least one charging point with at least 150 kW by February 2023. There will be around 200 gas stations.

The approximately 800 gas stations with a fuel sales between five and ten million liters or with appropriate regional importance must create a charging point with more than 50 kW until August 2023. In addition, petrol stations with charging stations that are too small should be obliged to build appropriate chargers.

Petrol stations play an important role in expanding the fast-charging infrastructure in Spain: As the report from “”, the energy company Iberdrola and the petrol station operator Avia agreed in 2020 to set up 500 fast chargers at 100 petrol stations. The Spanish energy supplier Endesa has therefore concluded an agreement with the gas station chain Gasexpress. And just this month, the Spanish oil company Repsol announced the expansion of its charging network and promised 610 fast charging points at gas stations in Spain and Portugal. However, there should be 592 chargers with 50 kW and only 18 HPC connections with 180 kW each. If the regulation continues to come into force unchanged, repsol would have to improve.

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  1. So far, Spain has been a howling misery in terms of HPC and charging supply in general ..
    The best way to get there is with a rental combustion engine.

  2. A single charging station at motorway service stations? Where there are usually 10 or more petrol pumps? And with an output of 50kW? Looks more like an alibi exercise to me. What is that supposed to bring?? Dab instead of pad. At the same time, Tesla is doubling its charging points. My goodness, what a European patchwork. Shameful.


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