Spanish manufacturer Acciona contests the “Finke” rally in Australia fully electrified

Spanish manufacturer Acciona contests the

As we learned earlier this year, the electrified World Rallycross Championship is coming from 2020. Only recently did the FIA start the tender for the battery system, which as a standard part is intended to ensure that costs do not get out of hand. Now the Spanish manufacturer Acciona is making a name for itself, as part of the “Finke” rally in Australia, the company wants to start with an all-female team and an electric car. The vehicle itself was the first zero-emission car to be used in the 2017 Dakar Rally.

“We are using the car in the Finke Rally to show how competitive vehicles powered by renewable energies are. It’s just a glimpse of the rally of the future, which will be electric, green and challenging.— Brett Wickham, Managing Director Acciona

If you compare the values of the Acciona e-vehicle with those of the competitors, it shows that the competitors burn around 25 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers. The Acciona car, on the other hand, is charged 100 percent by renewable energies. So not a single drop of fossil fuel is needed.

The vehicle draws its energy from its eight lithium batteries and the 100-watt solar cell, which generate around 250 kilowatts of power. In addition to the Dakar Rally, the electric car has already been used at Baja events in Italy and Morocco. Now everyone is curious to see how the vehicle will fare in the most difficult desert race in Australia. From the point of view of the organizer, too, it is exciting to have such an innovative vehicle in Alice Spring. This could be the future of rallying.

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