Speculation: New start for the Apple Car?

Speculation: New start for the Apple Car?-start

The iPhone manufacturer Apple apparently understood a start to finally find a production partner for his “Apple Car”. This time it seems to be a supplier, especially suppliers who visited the Group with a representative team, writes “Heise Online”, citing several media reports from Asia.

The “Digitimes” appearing in Taiwan does not report that the emissons from Cupertino have met with LG and the Sk Group among other things. LG produces batteries for E cars, but also components such as chips and displays. The SK Group is again a far-branched group, which also works as a car supplier. Sense of conversations is obvious to build a supply chain for Apple’s first electric car, which should be at least partial autonomous. This speculates that the Group is actively involved in looking for suppliers and important business partners for the project.

In another message in the “Korea Times” it is in turn, Apple is specific in search of partners from the e-auto scene. Without South Korean companies, the business plan should not be implemented. The talks seem to commute in the view of observers currently between an early and advanced stage. Among other things, it should be about the production of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Apple had seen in the meantime to outsource the production of his first vehicle to one of the great South Korean manufacturers. These included Hyundai and his daughter Kia. However, both companies feared as pure producers to get problems with their brand image. Meanwhile, the Canadian-Austrian carmaker Magna is considered possible paver – possibly in cooperation with suppliers from Far East.

Apple‘s vehicle project – known among the terms “Apple Car” or “ICAR” – has been running for several years. But without official success. So far, there is no information about when such a car appears. Multiple, the Group has already changed his approach to this question. In the course of the negotiations, several managers have already been replaced.

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3 thoughts on “Speculation: New start for the Apple Car?”

  1. There must be something of it ..

    Would not wonder if Apple suddenly gives out with ne message, the vehicle comes then and then 😉

    It remains exciting

  2. Yes, I’ve been waiting for the “There is one more thing” for a long time – the problem will be that Apple will find no producer in which they can realize the usual high margin times as well.
    Tesla is currently creating it as the only manufacturer (even without regulatory credits &# 128521; )
    BEV with profit for sale.
    Even Nio still drives red numbers when I’m not mistaken, even though they can produce cheapest in China.
    The design of a future Apple-Bev will certainly be breathtaking, maybe even – or hopefully – breathtakingly different.
    I wish Apple good luck and good luck.

  3. It has been allowed to learn at Tesla that an electric car consists not only of software that is updated OTA, but is essential to a normal car. Through the absolute noise, it must be even better built so that no annoying ancillary noise on the ear penetrates. From Tesla you only read what a great press for chassi parts you ordered now and what is used for acoustic glass that the service is being expanded. So you are deep in industry 1.0.

    This should not happen to Apple, so you are looking for an excellent contract ready. Only why should there be? If he were fine, he could bring his own vehicles to the market and thus earn much more money.


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