Speed limit, toll, company car tax: this expects drivers after the federal election

Speed limit, toll, company car tax

This expects drivers after the Bundestag election

Speed limit, toll, company car tax: this expects drivers after the federal election-company

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Bundestag election 2013: This is how the parties stand for auto topics

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

Site asked all major parties about their plans for traffic and mobility. What the citizens have to expect – all election test stones at an overview.

On 22. September is a federal election. Tempolimits, car tolls, electromobility and road construction-these topics ensure a lot of ignition material. Everyone drives a car, everyone uses public transport, everyone is affected by measures that affect streets, traffic, traffic, or bus and train. Site asked the parties about the major mobility issues: What plans and measures can be expected in the event of a government participation?
It is agreed that the car toll should not be introduced. Only the CSU maintains that foreign vehicles should be asked to check out in order to participate in the costs of the infrastructure.

Parties must confess color

At the speed limit on the highway, the party landscape is already divided more. Left and the Greens see the introduction of a speed limit as a duty to make road traffic less dangerous. For example, the CDU/CSU, FDP and the alternative for Germany see it quite differently.

Speed limit, toll, company car tax: this expects drivers after the federal election-speed
Site Green or red light? So the patients are on the topics of speed limit and car toll. Green stands for yes, red stands for no, yellow stands for no position.

On the following pages you will find the points of view of CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP, Bundnis 90/Die Grunen, Die Linke, Pirate Party and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) on the following questions:
1. Support the introduction of a general speed limit on motorways? If so, how should this look and implement?
2. Experate the introduction of a general speed limit of 30 km/h in city centers?
3. Support the introduction of a car toll?
4. What are the point of view to promote electromobility?
5. Plan a relief for drivers from the current multiple tax burden?
6. Plan changes in the currently applicable company car taxation?
7. How do you want to promote the individual mobility areas (V.A. Car, train, public transport, bike) weight and design?
8th. How do you want to close the financing gap in road construction?

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12 thoughts on “Speed limit, toll, company car tax: this expects drivers after the federal election”

  1. B forbid 80% of sports, Gruene!
    Most sports cause many unfair, z.B. To ski. Forbid everything, Gruene, … Most sports cause many unfair, z.B. To ski. Forbid everything, green, where are you?

  2. I am a supporter of the speed limit!
    Tempo 250 on motorways, 130 on federal highways and 60 speed in cities would be absolutely ok!

  3. Speed limit
    Already there is almost continuously on every BAB today. Even the country roads are now occupied with overtaking prohibition signs and speed 70 zones for kilometers. The district and country roads will soon be occupied at 30 and 50 km / h because they are being renovated and no longer renovated. Maut for all foreigners on all streets and for heavy goods traffic in general is finally needed.

  4. Typical red – green
    Speed limit and thus again a patronization of the socialists if they should win the election, no thanks .

  5. But Mr. Ferdinand Marcus
    The same as communists, we saw in the GDR, first SPD then SED and everyone sings the socially international international .

  6. The company car tax does not only have to
    are organized ecologically, but that company cars are generally eliminated as a wage replacement benefit. Wages belong in the wallet and their part of their social security contributions in the corresponding health insurers. The annual 4,000.000.000 EUR subsidy to the vehicle industry cannot be justified. If you would not be competitive without the subsidy, you have to close the shop according to the market economy criteria.

  7. Car toll
    All parties want to introduce the toll – the question is only "how ". The EU acts unjust if it forbids only foreign drivers to ask for the cash register. Our motorways/streets were/are financed by the German taxpayers through the car/petrol tax.That is not the case in other countries. The fact that a large part of our car/eco -tax (green) is used in foreign. Germany has been since the "East opening" mutated into transitland, so that this means that considerably more roads have to be built than the "normal" Would need traffic that we also finance. If German car drivers have to pay in addition to taxes without compensation, this would be a huge injustice.

  8. We remember
    Kaiser Wilhelm fits in the sparkling wine tax, it still exists today. Motions and mineral oil tax should be used to maintain the streets, but they flow into the general budget. € 53mrd are taken, but only 19% are invested. "Company car": Should our MPs/politicians/board members etc. Now drive around the area with a smart or Ford-KA and no longer with theirs "Road armor"? That’s mean! "Emobile": Who needs a car with a range of 130-150km, which 40.000 € costs and the size of a smart is? NOBODY! Tempo 30: Kunast did not want to introduce them for all of Berlin? Motorways: Winfried Hermann didn’t want the highways "dismantle"?

  9. Building the Zuruck motorways
    .. Then the traffic itself would also have to be restored, restricted. That would mean less car, few foreign traffic, less mobility – that no longer seems to be feasible today.

  10. What are these speculation
    Statements before the election are not an enforceable claims. According to the budget, the choice was eaten, the wolves ate chalk and hold back with cruelty. Only from time to time the player does not escape a careless word. For me there is once another four years of content lavier ala Merkel and the Federal Republic sinks into insignificance, whereby no significant improvements in the interests of the citizens are expected from the competition. And what is still available in the rest of the democracy is also sacrificed on the old star of supposed security. At least that is not unlikely after the half -hearted admissions of politics on this topic. And for traffic, which is optimally regulated for me, to the satisfaction of all the militated.

  11. The green (red) screaming necks
    The red wolves in the green sheep’s sheet fur do not want a speed limit in the city center.Whoever believes that was certainly bathed too hot.After a shit storm because of the "Veggie Days"broken down over the Greens, they are afraid of losing more voters.But after the 22.09.you will surely drop your mask.I just hope that the people of the"poet and thinker"this "Daga party" The red card shows!

  12. After the election
    it always looks different with the parties . But parties (like the pirates) that have no opinion, you can’t even smoke in the pipe !


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