Sports models: Makes Emobility AMG and Co. superfluous?

Little tuning options

Sports models: Makes Emobility AMG and Co. superfluous?

Sports models: Makes Emobility AMG and Co. superfluous?-makes
Volkswagen AG VW ID.4 GTX in the test: This is how the all-wheel drive sports version of the family stromer drives

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A big advantage of the electric drive becomes the problem of the premium PS industry: Sporty top models are more difficult than ever with the electric cars. The good driving performance of the Stromer leaves little space for tuning.

Because on average, the electrical models are not only better equipped than the comparable combustion engines, but often also offer driving performance that already leaves little to be desired – apart from the top speed.The automotive industry experienced a trained practice for many decades: the cheap entry models hardly earned the car manufacturers and they were mostly only driven by customers who were or could or could no longer afford to affect vehicles. The broad mass chose the drive and equipment from the broad center and who could allow yourself to be able to choose a sports version or top model as the epitome of his automotive dreams. A VW Golf made no difference to a Mazda 6, the small Toyota Yaris or a gigantic Cadillac-SUV.

Electric car means less variants

The new electromobility shakes the whole car world and the manufacturers rule with their own inertia. In order to reduce costs, the variants themselves have to be reduced terrific, but with their surcharge, these did not only ensure the imposing yields for the German brands. The endlessly long lists of special equipment have therefore only been reduced by a tolerable level for years – but the big steps were missing in Europe, especially in Europe.

Sports models: Makes Emobility AMG and Co. superfluous?-superfluous
Authors-Union Mobility/BMW BMW brings the IX with 619 hp in summer

Nevertheless, the differences in vehicle and equipment variants at German premium manufacturers are still huge towards a volume manufacturer from the USA or Japan. The spectrum of the new electrical manufacturers such as NIO, Rivian, Tesla or Aiways is particularly thin, where mostly only a few colors, equipment packages and drive versions are offered.

Who pays more for a few more horsepower?

However, the fact that the cars have better and better standard equipment today and that driver assistance systems are now also a standard scope as navigation units or comfort details is only one side of the medal. The problem for car manufacturers could be much greater that the supposed basic version already fulfills the dynamic wishes of the customers and the neighbor can no longer be cut out with a sporty signet at the rear.

Sports models: Makes Emobility AMG and Co. superfluous?-sports
Authors-Union Mobility/Daimler Driving report Mercedes-AMG EQS 53: The future from Affalterbach

The best example is the electric manufacturer Tesla, who openly does not communicate its engine output, but on the trunk lid alone, with which battery package or drive (rear or all-wheel drive) he is on the road. Because customers and observers usually know it only too well: Tesla Model 3 or Model X have more than enough anyway. How much, even many customers do not know.

Drives the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla in the motorway test

Sports models: Makes Emobility AMG and Co. superfluous?-sports

Site Drives the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla in the motorway test

What proves to be difficult at the regulars’ chat in the tennis center is the boasting with performance data and corresponding driving impressions. Here the electric motors have brought a completely new situation. Because the electrical basic variant is already leaning off like a real sports car thanks to the maximum torque from the start.

Basic power more faster than in the past a sports model with gasoline

There is a VW ID.3 No difference to a Porsche Taycan or a Volvo XC40 account. In addition, tired basic versions often belong to the past. Because the VW ID.3 As a supposedly new electrical future golf, for example, less than 150 kW / 204 hp is currently not available. From a standing start for the electric model in 7.9 seconds to 100 km / h. That was formerly Golf GTI best times.

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Sports models: Makes Emobility AMG and Co. superfluous?-models

Site Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

The Porsche Taycan also lines as a basic version with an impressive 350 kW / 476 hp from a standing start in 5.4 seconds to 100 km / h and the Volvo XC40 calchars can be obtained anyway with an impressive 300 kW / 408 hp. There is no longer a lot of air for sports versions.

Built -in speed limit for many electricians

If it weren’t for the tiresome top speed, because it hooks powerful with many electric models. The VW ID.3 is settled at a narrow 160 km/h and the strong Volvo also drives a maximum of 180 km/h. Volkswagen positions his crossover id.4 GTX with 220 kW / 229 hp as a supposed sports model over the tamer versions – but the GTX really looks really sporty through its all -wheel drive.And at the 180 km / h is also the end of fun anyway. There is no more in one like the other electric model itself at an additional cost. While Mercedes scraped off its EQS 580 at 210 km/h or Audi brakes its e-tron at 200 km/h, Porsche lets its base model TAYCAN/H drive fast. Apart from that, the differences behind the tax in normal operation are manageable.

How do AMG or S models differ from?

The sporty lookout is noticeable in imposing power models with RS, M or AMG signet as with a Porsche Taycan GTS / Turbo. In everyday use, the significantly more powerful and correspondingly expensive sports models are hardly different from the standard versions. In addition, the top models such as Audi e-tron GT, BMW IX, Mercedes EQs or Porsche Taycan hardly look different from the weaker basic models.Here there were sometimes clear differences among the combustion and recognizable differences, because an Audi RS6 / RS7 has wider body elements than an A6 / A7. The situation is similar with a Mercedes AMG E63 compared to a normal E-Class. The massive air intake of the athletes, which is almost afraid of fear, are mostly left out of the electrical versions. This means that not only the driving dynamic, but also the visual distinction features are missing. There is a lot to do for international car manufacturers to position the particularly profitable sports badges on four wheels in the customer’s head.

LFP battery for 3.300.000 electric cars: Who is behind this large order?

Sports models: Makes Emobility AMG and Co. superfluous?-emobility

Site LFP battery for 3.300.000 electric cars: Who is behind this large order?

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  1. so what ?
    You shouldn’t just look at Germany here. Especially abroad, these cars have … still a very high priority. And there must also be a large engine (V8) that you hear ! The eternal gibberish with environmental protection and climate is slowly wasted here. Have a look at what’s going on there. The G-Class with V8 is the purest environmentalist……. Tuning at e-cars is nonsense and nobody needs !

  2. perhaps
    Finally manage to get away from permanently installed batteries. If you then manage to place a battery standard, it would be a real added value and sometimes more useful than any stupid aluminum rims, wide tires that only eat energy or 20PS more if there is already enough. Simply relocate the area of responsibility and appear as a battery and battery change infrastructure provider and is good. Quasi as a sustainability tuner.

  3. AMG, M-OR RS models,
    are the “automatic watches” of the automobile manufacturers in the future and will always find their buyers worldwide.

  4. It may be true
    that of course one asks where AMG has one m GmbH his justification. However, customers of these segments tick differently. I can drive an S-Class or a Maybach. Constructive and identical in terms of performance and yet the double paid for more luxury. The AMG grill of more performance shows and ensures that the image, together with sports equipment and other rims and equipment options, is still a hit. If you drive 580 instead of 408 hp, people open their wallets. This is deserved and that will not change. Another stos bar, sports suspension, 19 inch rims and sports seats? 4,500 euros more even with ner A-Class. It is paid for and without more power. Even a V8 G class is not a VMAX miracle now. Nevertheless, customers pay 250.000 euros.

  5. These e-lawnmowers
    Do not need tuning, but batteries that enable real ranges and no empty promises-you can see the grip test in which three of the latest electric cars have been tested. Under real conditions, i.e. winter operation. The best thing did 63%, the worst 52% of the kilometers specified by the factory. And then the testers sat bibbernd in the car because the boxes turn off all power -consuming elements shortly before the exitus. And then this circus for 25-36.000 euros. Ridiculous. Who is doing something like that? Who buys a city car for the price and cannot drive long distances with it? Then the family needs differently range -oriented cars to come from A to B? circus…

  6. Well, Mr. Haas
    What the Mr. Kross writes there is already the truth. The fact is that the electric cars are hyped over a fee and combustioners talked worse than they are.

  7. E – cars accelerate very well …
    out of the stand. With the permanent load at high speeds, it looks very different. E-cars for motorsport lovers are not real competition anyway.

  8. Motor tuning only possible with engine exchange
    Since the car manufacturers advertise the top performance available from the electric motor from a few seconds, engine tuning will be very difficult-you would have to install a different e-engine. Note: The nominal output can be called up for at least 30 minutes, which is available in the registration certificate in the field P.2 stands. Here one or the other is surprised if "just" a third of the top performance is shown as nominal output.

  9. surprise ?
    Well, you don’t need to start with such topics at the regulars’ table…. The Sound also includes the AMG, many of them confuse with it "Noise". For e-fans anyway, you don’t need to discuss the same anyway ! Yes, the tuning scene is actually almost gone with the e-boxes. There are still the rims, the chassis and foiling. With an egg3 probably the entire interior…..


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