Sprinter without chips: Mercedes-Benz has to park transporter

Parking instead of street

Sprinter without chips: Mercedes-Benz has to park transporter

Sprinter without chips: Mercedes-Benz has to park transporter-mercedes-benz
In autumn all sprinter with the new OM654 diesel will be available photo: Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Sprinter variants (archive picture)

Because semiconductors are missing, car manufacturers cannot deliver their new cars and they have to park. A manufacturer fills a site at the fair in the southeast of Hanover.

The permanent delivery crisis in microchips now also makes the Daimler group use unusual measures in Lower Saxony. At the exhibition center in Hanover there are now many pick-ups from Mercedes-Benz «on Halde». The vehicles – such as models of numerous other manufacturers – cannot be fully equipped with the necessary semiconductor components. The company is therefore temporarily stored in the large parking spaces around the exhibition center, as a spokeswoman explained.

Delivery is delayed

It is primarily the platform version of the Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz Vans. According to Daimler, the use of the supplementary parking space near Hanover is "a completely normal process in automotive production" ". The area in the southeast of the state capital of Lower Saxony is one of several logistics areas worldwide that would be possible for the intermediate parking of the cars.

"The reasons for an interim storage of vehicles are diverse," explained the company. Specifically, it is about the supply crisis in semiconductors – the currently biggest problem in industry. A very large number of almost finished cars cannot be delivered to customers because there is a lack of chips. Providers such as Volkswagen, BMW or the truck division of Daimler have to be partially similar due to the scarcity of electronics components. How long this will not take is not reliable, it said at Mercedes-Benz Vans: «The situation is still volatile.“What to do if my new car is not delivered? Legal expert gives tips

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Sprinter without chips: Mercedes-Benz has to park transporter-chips

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  1. Homemade problem
    Well, the German car manufacturers would not have reduced or reduced or reduced their delivery contracts regarding semiconductor chips last year during the Corona period-because that passes by. terminated, then chips would now be available, because the semiconductor manufacturers produce in huge quantities – currently 50% more than a year ago. But the component manufacturers just had to look for new sales opportunities, when the German manufacturers had drastically reduced their acceptance. They also found these new customers in telecommunications, medical technology, etc. Perhaps the German car manufacturers have now expanded their delivery contracts for next year-who knows whether the chip manufacturers still have capacity.


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