SsangYong X200: Another electric car study

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Lifestyle off-roaders are to follow the Korando eMotion and the mid-range SUV J100

SsangYong X200: Another electric car study-ssangyong

Despite its unclear future as a company SsangYong continues to give full throttle when it comes to electromobility: In June, the Korean brand announced an electric version of the Korando and a mid-range SUV under the project name J100. Now SsangYong is showing another electric car study under the code name X200.

To us, the X200 looks more compact than the J100, so it could be a B- or C-segment vehicle. The B segment (small car) would be more suitable for SsangYong, since the C segment (compact car) already has the Korando.

With the generous, angular wheel cutouts, the massive underrun protection and the coarse tires, the car looks more like an off-roader than an SUV. Surfboards on the roof are apparently intended to suggest a hip, sporty target group. Overall, it is apparently a lifestyle off-roader. If you look closely, you will see that the roof is apparently segmented – the middle section may possibly be removable. A roll-up roof can be seen on the drawing of the stern:

SsangYong X200: Another electric car study-another

The rear of the X200: Here the roll top is open

Like the J100 in the J100 drawing shown in June (see below), the X200 looks very angular. Compared to the J100, it is also noticeable that the headlights on the X200 are now round. The X200 is thus reminiscent of Jeep vehicles, while the J100, with its more horizontal headlights, was clearly similar to the Range Rover Evoque.

"The model presented under the code name X200 gives an outlook on the design language Powered by Toughness as does the recently introduced fully electric mid-range SUV J100." (SsangYong)

Otherwise, there is still no information on the vehicle, which is apparently intended to follow the Korando eMotion and the J100 as the brand’s third electric model.

SsangYong X200: Another electric car study-electric

The J100 shows clear echoes of the Range Rover Evoque

In terms of the J100, SsangYong confirms that the car will be launched as the second electric model in 2022 – and as the first car that corresponds to the new design philosophy. SsangYong is now specifying the indications of a new electric pick-up from June. After that there is also a pick-up version of the J100, which, according to SsangYong, is only "possible".

SsangYong X200: Another electric car study-x200

The Korando eMotion is due to roll out to Europe in the fall

The electric debut from SsangYong is the compact Korando e-Motion. After it was said in June that it would start in August, the car should now roll into Europe "in autumn". SsangYong still does not provide any information about the drive.

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SsangYong X200: Another electric car study-x200 Smart electric SUV: New teaser picture – from a bird’s eye view

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