Start-up felyx wants to conquer big cities with e-scooters

Start-up felyx wants to conquer big cities with e-scooters-start-up

The Dutch start-up felyx wants to expand further in Germany and promote the idea of “shared mobility”. The company, which was founded in Amsterdam in 2017 under the motto “Beat The Streets”, has been offering its electric scooters in Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin since the summer.

According to a press release, felyx sees potential in the big cities in particular. Commuters in their own cars are often stuck in traffic jams or spend a lot of time looking for a parking space. As a user of public transport, on the other hand, you would have to squeeze into mostly overcrowded trains or buses – a challenge not only in times of Corona. Since Felyx come with its emission-free and noiseless borrowers just right to offer an alternative, it says.

As a sign of climate protection, you can also do something for the environment as an individual, according to the idea. Especially when it comes to everyday things like transport. While people in small towns and rural areas are still often dependent on a car, people in cities can make a conscious decision not to drive a car.

In this area, felyx wants to play a pioneering role, says Marjorie Simon, General Manager of the company: “Shared Mobility” will become increasingly important for the next generations. The result is cleaner and more livable cities. “Cars can then advance from a necessary everyday object to a collector’s item.”

According to the company, since the first ride in 2017, felyx users have covered around 14 million kilometers with the green e-scooters. This saved more than 1100 tonnes of CO2 emissions, it says. According to an internal survey, more than half of all felyx trips have replaced a car trip. The start-up uses e-scooters from the Chinese manufacturer Niu in German cities. Each felyx is equipped with two helmets, a smartphone holder and a USB port. Booked via app.

Per minute driving in Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin 29 cents are due, if the scooter is parked it is 13 cents. Only in Dusseldorf is there currently a daily rent capped at 18 euros for 24 hours. Incidentally, the vehicle does not have to be returned to the starting point – it can be parked anywhere within a defined service area. Additional charges apply outside of this zone.

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