State gives one billion euros for reconstruction of the auto industry

State gives one billion euros for reconstruction of the auto industry-billion

The billions of promotion of the state is ready – now the plans must be implemented: Already in November, the Federal Government had decided a future Fund for the change in the car industry to cleaner drives. Thus she wants to accompany the structural change of the auto industry medium and longer term, reports the “mirror”. This fund with a volume of one billion euros to 2025 is now ready to start Clar, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz is quoted on the occasion of an “autogipum” of the government. “Our goal is that the German automotive industry builds the climate-friendly cars of the future, new jobs are created and value added.”

Should be supported with the Fund the future orientation of the industry and the autore regions. According to the Ministry of Finance, the concrete design was now clarified based on an expert report. Scholz said, with more than 300 million euros, regional cooperation should be promoted for employees and companies on site to work on concrete future ideas. In addition, it is about help with digitization and changes in production for new drive technologies such as electromobility.

In addition to the “strategic structural orientation”, strategies for change specifically in the regions with particularly many companies in the car industry were also considered. According to “Handelsblatt”, up to 380 million euros in the regions particularly affected by structural change in the industry are now flowing. This recommends that of the Expert Advisory Council of the “Autogipfels” in Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel accordingly in his final report.

“There are 70 clusters in Germany, of which 20 to 30 are potential problem cases,” said the CO Chairman of the Panel, Jens Sudkum, from the University of Dusseldorf, the newspaper. “They are characterized by many small suppliers who have so far focused heavily on combustion technology and have not developed a strategy for the future.”

According to the report, they should be able to apply by an average of two to three million euros a year in order to build up so-called “transformation agencies” together with companies, research institutions and work agencies. To the regions that have already prepared applications, according to the Southern Saarland, Southwestfalen and Southeast Lower Saxony.

In addition, 23 other regions and municipalities want to apply, including Saxony-Anhalt, Leipzig and Southwest Saxony, but also Berlin, Cologne, Heilbronn and Reutlingen and the Rhenish Revier and Mittelhessen. Another 410 million euros is to provide the Federal Government according to the expert body to promote the digitization of the industry, including new operating systems for cars or autonomous driving functions.

“The central theme for the successful transformation is the digitization”, summed up Sudgeum, regardless of the future drive form. Further funding recommends the body for the conversion of manufacturing techniques to electrical drives and a sustainable circular economy.

Whether the now provided help is sufficient, is unclear. By switching from combustion on electric motors could still fall away hundreds of thousands of jobs in the German car industry. At the same time, after younger estimates, but more new jobs around production and maintenance of electric cars could arise.

Overall, the companies should be able to benefit from the future fund from funding programs in the volume of around three billion euros by 2026. Among other a green politician Oliver Krischer, in the past, had criticized the use of taxpayers for this and said the Bavarian broadcasting: “That we need such a thing in Germany for this industry, shows what was going wrong in the past.”

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4 thoughts on “State gives one billion euros for reconstruction of the auto industry”

  1. “Great” now you are still doing the sleepy German auto industry billion behind it is pure planned economy and has nothing to do with a market economy anymore.

  2. Wow, I’m excited. The great German auto industry is more dependent on state support. MISSMANAGEMENT, MISSING MISSION TO LIES AND TEST IS NOW STATE STATE – because jobs are hanging from. Why not financed in the form of interest-free loans, which 1: 1 must be repaid. If you actually mean, you can get an outdated industry going? In many cases, eternal strategists still sitting with thick salaries in the lead days. Just because you are by you with the Classe Politique just does not justify waste of taxpayers.

    Well, even if the way is completely wrong and probably rather driven by selective votes than meaningfulness, at least the goal – even if it is far away here – the right one.

  3. Conscious for a long time blocked the technology change to continue to decline fully. For billions of billions, coated managers, bonus payments, spreading research results and patents of the universities, then demand funding, is already more than three times. A corrupt government makes it possible to harm the taxpayers.

  4. The reality will be that for every new job (in the E-Auto World) two old offices (in the combustion world) eliminates. And that will not be a zero sum game!


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