Stella Vita: This student motorhome runs on solar energy

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On a clear day, up to 730 km should be possible …

Stella Vita: This student motorhome runs on solar energy-stella

The Dutch start-up Solar Team Eindhoven has presented what at first glance appears to be a rather weird motorhome that runs entirely on solar energy. The project is called Stella Vita and was started by students.

We have the information about the project.

Of course we are still quite a long way from a possible series production and the model in the pictures is a test prototype, but you do not have to expect limited functions. According to the builders, this camper is fully functional and on September 19th it is intended to set off on a trip through Europe.

Thanks to the solar panels, the motorhome receives enough energy to drive and supply the television, laptop, boiler and kitchen appliances. Everything you need.

The Stella Vita is equipped with a retractable folding roof so that the passengers can stand at full height. This parking position also increases the number of panels for energy generation and creates additional sleeping space. The developers state that the camper can drive up to 730 km on a clear day. Only with solar energy.

Together with a representative of the sponsor Coolblue, the students will set off from Eindhoven in the Netherlands to the southernmost part of Spain. In this way, the developers want to show that sustainable transport has a future. It is possible to drive far and live comfortably without having to rely on charging stations. It is therefore no coincidence that Spain was chosen as the first test destination as a destination with many hours of sunshine per year.

Even if this concept is still one of the more unusual forms, the field of motorhomes with electric drives seems to be developing further. We recently reported on a SylvanSport camper vehicle and classic manufacturers such as Knaus are also working on electrification. It remains … exciting.

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Stella Vita: This student motorhome runs on solar energy-student

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