Stellantis and Thef Charging build public shop law in Europe

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Stellantis and Thef Charging build public shop law in Europe-charging

The Autoconzern Stellantis and the Italian charging specialist Thef Charging have announced a new partnership to build a public shop in Europe. The concrete objective of the partnership is a recent communication “The creation of a public loading network accessible to all electric vehicles in Europe with exclusive terms for Stellantis customers”. The two companies want to jointly develop the network of 2021 to 2025 consisting mainly from fast charging stations – on more than 15.000 locations throughout Europe with a total of over two million parking spaces. Customers, owners and operators of the selected locations should be actively involved in order to define tailor-made solutions for each location and each customer group.

Vehicle range and public charging are key to the transition to more sustainable mobility through the widespread adoption of electric vehicles – in line with the “Fit for 55” package presented by the European Commission in summer 2021. Its goals include 100 percent emission-free new cars from 2035 and the development of a nationwide network of public charging stations.

With the aim of creating a comprehensive shop network to promote e-mobility in Europe and to optimize the user experience, the two companies have already determined more than 1,000 owners or operators of locations throughout Europe, according to their own statement. The systems are to be set up where they meet the most important charging needs of customers and where customers often spend long periods of time in everyday life: in city centers, at public facilities (e.g.B. hospitals and schools), at transport hubs (airports, train stations, ports), at leisure facilities (sports and wellness centers, hotels, restaurants) and at retail stores – in total there should be more than 15.000 locations with a good two million parking spaces. The starting point is expected in 2021 with the installation of the first fast charging stations in Italy; After that, the charging network will be expanded to cover the whole of Europe, according to Stellantis.

As part of the cooperation agreement, Stellantis and TheF Charging also intend to pursue the goal of creating a charging network that offers carbon-free energy. The claim is to extend this sustainable approach to the entire value chain.

Supplement to the Atlante project

The collaboration with TheF Charging is part of the Stellantis Group’s electrification strategy, which was announced a few months ago at EV Day. This aims to promote and simplify e-mobility all over the world – among other things through a comprehensive range of charging solutions for private, corporate and fleet customers. The agreement between Stellantis and TheF Charging is intended to complement the Atlante project. Atlante is the result of the partnership between Stellantis and NHOA, which aims to create the largest fast charging network in southern Europe.

In this context, the partnership between Stellantis and Thef Charging also free2move esolutions – the joint venture of Stellantis and Nhoa, which focus on the offer of products and services in the field of electromobility – as a potential hardware provider.

The agreement between Stellantis and TheF Charging also stipulates that both companies will constantly work together to update the services offered by the charging network. To do this, they want to pool their know-how to develop charging solutions and energy services that are tailored to the individual locations.

In the development of these services, Stellantis and TheF Charging want to actively involve the customers, owners and operators of the selected locations in order to be able to define tailor-made solutions for each location and customer group. The goal is to create a widespread ecosystem at European level and to ensure constant customer satisfaction based on a simple and intuitive charging experience.

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3 thoughts on “Stellantis and Thef Charging build public shop law in Europe”

  1. Stellantis is actually with his charging project late and past the own vehicle bot.
    Stellantis has hardly any/no route vehicles in the sales balance – all only city hoppers with a small range and low charging capacity.
    What do they want with fast charging stations – i.e. HPC? Do they really want to ventilate the Tesla, Audi, Polestar, Hyundai/Kia, VW or do they have big plans.. Top secret .. ?

    My guess is more of media flatulence .. somehow you have to get into the forum tops.
    15.000 charging stations with 2 million parking spaces. And that until 2025 – just 4 years ..

    guys .. keep the ball flat. Nobody believes that.

  2. no visionaries, just followers…
    and then as penultimate -.-

    well, how do you say it so nicely: Being there is everything!

    the next message will be:

    the new vehicles are now at the top of the world with ranges of 400km and a charging capacity of 125kW

    we know from the VW Group, but at least 3 years earlier and are not as far off or pick up 😉

    for me only media babble because too late and too pointless


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