Stellantis boss warns of social problems caused by EU e-car strategy

Stellantis boss warns of social problems caused by EU e-car strategy-stellantis

The European Commission is fully committed to electromobility in the fight against climate change. From 2035 no new cars with internal combustion engine should be sold more and the fleet of a group may depreciate until then on average only 52.25 grams of carbon dioxide (55% of the current value of 95 grams of carbon dioxide). According to previous prior art, cars with internal combustion engines on a large scale could be replaced only by electric cars. Other drive techniques such as hydrogen considered as yet not far enough mature. In the automotive industry, these plans are increasingly resisting. The head of the AutoConzern Stellantis, which includes Opel, Peugeot and Fiat, condemns the strategy now.

Carlos Tavares, active since 2014 in the Group and since the merger of PSA and Fiat to Stellantis CEO, criticized in an interview with the “Handelsblatt” that “the political specifications had no creative freedom to bring other ideas to manufacturers”. He does not see the electromobility as a crisis saver, but the electric drive would be 50 percent more expensive than a burner and thus do the prices for new cars in the height. This gives rise to the risk that the middle class could no longer buy new cars. In addition, it will only be “in 10 to 15 years that we will know what results electrification will actually bring in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” as he explains. As far as he knows, an electric car only has to be 70.000 kilometers to offset the carbon footprint of battery manufacturing. He therefore cites high-performance hybrid cars as a faster and cheaper option for innovation, which would bring an immediate CO2 advantage.

In order to cushion possible negative social consequences, the CEO is calling for the electrical subsidies to be maintained until at least 2025. All Stellantis factories would already be gearing up for an electrification push, as would the whole system of suppliers around it. Intensive work is also being done on battery development. According to the group, investments of more than 30 billion euros are planned by 2025. At the currently available 33 electrified models, eight more should be added in the coming one and a half years. Which ones are, Stellantis on 1. Announce March 2022 if the long-term strategic plan is presented.

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  1. The automakers should establish themselves that the number of new cars must be decreased and must be. From the sites the car has to get out. Public must become significantly cheaper and bikes should take precedence in the city. In the country car sharing should be affordable, so that 4 families share 3-4 cars, rather than 8 cars. The PHEV makes no sense as too much technology, too high maintenance costs and overall too expensive. That’s probably the last straw for the eternal yesterday.


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