Stellantis Group drives e-mobility ahead

Stellantis Group drives e-mobility ahead-stellantis

The Autoconzern Stellantis and the Energy Engie EPS presented today the joint joint venture “Free2move Esolutions”. This is from a communication of the actors involved. The aim of the newly formed company is therefore to support and facilitate the transition to e-mobility through the offer of tailor-made solutions for private and corporate clients.

According to companies, the offer of “Free2move esolutions” from the Easywallbox, an easy-to-install plug-and-play charging station for private apartments, to the EPROWallbox, an intelligent, flexible and crosslinked charging station, which works with charging streams up to 22 kilowatts and professional Users and fleet managers allows remote control via a digital platform.

The model epublic again is ideal for outdoor installation and in the public or semi-public environment, it is said while Efleet offers optimal flexibility by bundling fast-loading systems and V2G services for electrically powered cars, buses and trucks in a single product.

The EFAST in turn allows fast loading – within less than 30 minutes sufficient energy for a driving distance of up to 100 kilometers – and associations of technological innovation and sustainability in the use of recycled batteries from the automotive industry. These “Second-Life Batteries” are the ideal solution for petrol stations, hotels, business buildings and small fleets of electric vehicles, emerges from the message. Epost Cityway is equally innovative – a quick load solution that uses existing infrastructures such as trams and harmonics buses.

According to the company, the offer of “Free2move Esolutions” also includes monthly all-inclusive subscriptions for charging electric vehicles at home and on the go. All variants enabled the use of 100 percent sustainable energy sources and also allowed existing state funding programs to use.

“Free2move Esolutions stands at the intersection between the energy and the world of the automobile,” said Company Boss Carlalberto Guglielminotti. The company combine the expertise of a worldwide actor in terms of energy storage with the experience of a leading automotive group. “We face complex technological challenges to make electromobility easy.”

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