Stellantis plans to open first Atlante fast chargers in early 2022

Stellantis plans to open first Atlante fast chargers in early 2022-plans

There is news about the Stellantis fast charging network: As the group reports, the first 700 locations for the Atlante project have been identified. The manufacturer states that it aims to set up the largest fast-charging network in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. Furthermore, Stellantis strives to integrate rapid loading locations efficiently into the power grid and to operate with energy from renewable sources and stationary storage systems to avoid load tips. Atlante is a collaboration between Stellantis, Italian energy company NHOA Group and Free2Move eSolutions.

By the year 2030, a total of 35 are to be installed at a good 9,000 locations.000 fast charging points can be set up. Stellantis names 5,000 fast charging points by 2025 as an interim goal. Of the 700 locations that have already been identified, 70 are to be put into operation within the next six months.

The highlight of the project: The project partners want to set up a 100 percent vehicle network-integrated (VGI) network that is operated with renewable energies and equipped with stationary storage systems. NHOA has extensive experience in this field and has already connected more than 1 GWh of capacity to the grid.

Stationary storage systems, often equipped with batteries in the second-life, are considered the technically suitable solution to store the fluctuating generation of energy from renewable sources and then retrieve when needed. Depending on the station location, the Atlante charging stations should also be equipped with roofs including built-in solar panels and storage systems with second-life batteries.

The power at the Atlante charging stations should vary from a minimum of 100 kW to a maximum of 175 kW. Stellantis says it wants to offer its customers – i.e. drivers of electric cars from Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat and Opel – advantages. In other words: cheaper electricity prices than for users of non-Group models. Similarly, Ionity, the fast charging network of VW, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Hyundai and Kia, has designed its pricing policy.

The Atlante project arises in collaboration between the NHOA Group – developed as owners and operators of the network and invested – and free2move esolutions, the NHOA joint venture with Stellantis, which in turn provides charging technology (hardware and software). The charging stations are to be installed mainly near major motorway and road junctions and in densely populated urban areas. With Atlante, the project partners want to contribute to the EU’s goal of having a fast charging station every 60 kilometers along the most important trunk roads and expressways.

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1 thought on “Stellantis plans to open first Atlante fast chargers in early 2022”

  1. Stellantis is a little late. Even in France, Ionity (open to all) and TEsla (maybe open to all) have left scent marks and are creating an increasingly dense network.
    At the same time, VW is making steam in cooperation with mineral oil companies.

    Stellantis has so far hardly or no vehicles in the program (and above all not sold!!), which offer themselves as touring vehicles – so few customers for their own charging network.
    Now it turns out that PSA u. Co may have bridled the horse from the wrong side. You should also have started with performance and richer models and in parallel with a HPC charging offer.


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