Stellantis wants to achieve in the future without the help of Tesla CO2 goals

Stellantis wants to achieve in the future without the help of Tesla CO2 goals-wants

As Stellantis in an interview by whose CEO Carlos Tavares and the French magazine Le Point revealed, the company no longer needs the help of Tesla to achieve its own CO2 goals. The average CO2 emissions of the EU fleet can now be achieved from its own power. Automobile Analyst Matthias Schmidt can now officially confirm this by presenting EREU data, which were published last week.

Tesla, the fully electric car manufacturer from California, which is directed by Elon Musk, occurs for 2021 only in an open pool with Honda. FCA still needs to be included in a common PSA / Opel / FCA-Stellantis pool, which is probably only a formality. At the beginning of last year, during an investor conference conference before Tavares gave the Le Point interview, FCA said that they expect to pay $ 300 million in order to fulfill the global regulatory emission targets in 2021, with part of this sum a pool will make with Tesla in Europe.

As the Berlin analyst determines regulatory credits, according to Tesla‘s own financial data, a large part of Tesla’s quarterly revenue. Over $ 0.5 billion alone accounted for global regulatory credits in the first quarter of 2021, which were paid to the Californians and accounted for 6 percent of total automotive sales in the same quarter. This is the highest revenue in this area since recording CO2 pooling through Tesla. This therefore also means that the exit of FCA from the European pool seems to have minimal effects on Tesla. At least if one assumes that the results of the first quarter did not contain any kind of contractual FCA exit payment clause.

The Volkswagen Group has confirmed against Schmidt Automotive Research that he has to pay emission credits for the next two years (2021 and 2022) to meet the US and Chinese emission targets. However, the German company was not ready to reveal if something of Tesla is paid, as rumors in the scene last suggested. According to exclusive information, Mg Motors, which belongs to China Saic Motors, joined the CO2 pool of the Volkswagen Group in the EU and the brand SAIC Motors Europe BV for the period 2020 to 2022. With its own brand MG Motors, cooperation partners VW support the achievement of CO2 emission targets in Europe.

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4 thoughts on “Stellantis wants to achieve in the future without the help of Tesla CO2 goals”

  1. Would not vw, you would spott da. If so, then man can apply Tesla only once more to have done everything right. Tesla changes the world, VW, but unfortunately not in the positive sense.

  2. Stellantis sells predominantly burner models and now a few e-models. If the fulfillment of the CO2 targets without penalty payment is possible, the targets are simply a lot too low.

  3. So please, Tesla has not achieved a large part of the quarterly revenue through the CO2 payments!
    A large part of the quarterly profit yes. But sales already comes from the cars and good 10% of the energy business.

    It is to wish that you can spare the penalty and invest in your emotobility.


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