Stena Recycling invests massively to recycle up to 95% of batteries

Stena Recycling invests massively to recycle up to 95% of batteries-recycle

Stena Recycling invests around 24.5 million euros in a new battery recycling procedure. The investment includes a brand new system in Halmstad and will enable 95 percent of a lithium-ion battery to recycle. Still in the fall of 2021, the groundbreaking ceremony should be done for one of the most modern battery recycling plants of Sweden and Europe.

“We see strong growth in the sale of electric vehicles, where we need to meet the needs of our customers after a secure and environmentally friendly disposal of old batteries. This great investment is part of our strategy to be a leader in the collection and mechanical treatment of lithium-ion batteries to establish a circulation for batteries, “says Fredrik Pettersson, Managing Director of Stena Recycling Sweden.

Pettersson gives understanding that the company react to strong market demand. Because with increasing sales of E vehicles, the number of lithium-ion batteries used in vehicles will also increase tenacity in the next decade, such as a report by Circular Energy Storage Research & Consulting. “We are proud to offer a circular solution for lithium-ion batteries. It is a great profit for the environment and for the life cycle of the batteries, when we recover critical metals such as lithium, nickel and cobalt, which are scarce, worldwide, “says Fredrik Pettersson.

How to understand Stena Recycling will first collect the batteries in their own plants in Sweden, later in other countries where Stena‘s recycling operates. The first sorting takes place in these facilities, but most of the recycling is then carried out in the new plant in Halmstad. Collaboration with the multinational company Johnson Matthey adds another process step to produce fully refined materials that can be used for the production of new lithium-ion batteries. The closure of the circulation and the creation of new raw materials for recycling batteries is crucial for achieving a circular raw material chain.

“There are many big companies that want to get in this market, but only a few have the skills of Stena Recycling based on our existing infrastructure, our customer base, our know-how and our experience. Thanks to this investment, we make a step towards one of the leading European actors in battery recycling, “says Fredrik Pettersson.

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