StoreDot: In 10 minutes rechargeable 4680-cylinder cell tangible

StoreDot: In 10 minutes rechargeable 4680-cylinder cell tangible-storedot

Storedot, an Israeli start-up associated with the energy company BP uses novel electrolyte solutions and nanomaterials in lithium-ion batteries. This allows batteries that can be loaded in just five minutes or even faster. First prototypes are currently creating this in ten minutes. In mid-November, the company now goes the next step towards Gross Series Production.

Storedots Production Partner Eve Energy was able to produce the first pattern of the A series of XFC bag cells. These cells are delivered to global car manufacturers who work with Storedot to start with the practical tests. “We offer a 50% shortening of the charging time at the same cost, but the mass production of new technologies is a critical step, which is why these first patterns of the A series are such a major milestone in our technology roadmap. These XFC pattern cells will soon be delivered to our worldwide partners in the automotive industry for practical tests, and we are confident that they will play an important role in increasing the crucial kilometers per minute “decisive for the driving experience and the elimination of the richness is “, so dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of Storedot.

It also states that the rapid development process is the result of a technology developed specifically for manufacturing on existing Li-ion production lines supported by proprietary artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to accelerate the development from concept to production. In practice, this means that the company is on the best way to produce XFC cells in bag or cylindrical shape by 2024 on a large scale.

In addition, thanks to this format variety, the entire industry will be able to use StoreDots newly introduced and patent-pending Boost Charging Technology (BOOCT) application. Myersdorf goes on to say that both their cylinder and pouch cells are designed to be safe, reliable and stable, and are expected to be mass-produced by 2024.

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1 thought on “StoreDot: In 10 minutes rechargeable 4680-cylinder cell tangible”

  1. OK, take some sexy buzzwords like nanomaterial or artificial intelligence – throw in some exotic-sounding acronyms like Boost Charge Technology and refer to well-known car manufacturers who are now testing the thing and of course the term start-up should not be missing.

    After that, they promise a doubling of the loading speed and voila, it’s done.

    Now you just have to wait a bit until this insider tip has made the rounds and the first idiots start trading the shares pre-IPO.
    Yes, there is 🙂

    In 2024 there is then a short press release that has become nothing from the whole thing, and the same game starts from the front with a new time horizon (usually 2-3 years in the future.

    Here is an article from 2014:
    https: // http://www.dpreview.COM / Articles / 9323837708 / Storedot Battery-Fully-Charges-in-under-30-SEConds

    https: // http://www.Timesofisrael.Com / Storedot-Promises-Electric Car-That-Charges-in-5-Minutes /

    http: // energystoragereport.Info / Storedot Battery /

    https: // http://www.Electrive.COM / 2019 / 06/13 / Storedot CAN Recharge-An-E-Scooter-in-5-Minutes /

    Actually incredible that people are still falling in !


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