StoreDot is researching solid-state batteries with extreme energy density

StoreDot is researching solid-state batteries with extreme energy density-researching

StoreDot, an Israeli start-up partnered with energy company BP, is developing and working on batteries that can be charged in less than five minutes. In the e-mobility scene, this is known as XFC technology – Extreme Fast Charging -. Going forward, the company intends to continue its global expansion and development of future solid-state batteries with the opening of a research and development center in California, USA.

The StoreDot Innovation Center is working directly with the R&D headquarters in Israel to enable the revolutionary XFC car battery technologies to be mass-produced by 2024. In addition, the start-up is already working there on the next generation of solid-state batteries and materials with extreme energy density (XED). The plan is to transfer this advanced technology to mass production by 2028. “Our new US team will work together with our fast-growing global network and introduce new skills and ideas so that we can implement our clear technology roadmap that enables automobile manufacturers to develop vehicles that overcome the range and charging “, Says dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of Storedot.

From the point of view of Myersdorf be the F&E-Innovation Center in the United States a signal that the own business is rapidly expanding. In addition, by founding a furnishings in California, one wanted to use the local pool of world-class talents to continue to promote their own products. “This will boost the development of our world’s leading XFC technologies and the XED solid-state batteries,” so the CEO of Storedot continues to consider building a production partnership in the USA. The reason for this is the assumption that important automotive production centers have their own capacities to compensate for the current imbalance in favor of Asian manufacturers and to produce batteries where electric vehicles are produced “how Myersdorf knows his considerations.

Storedot is currently in advanced talks with many of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers leading car manufacturers and already supplies patterns for practical tests.

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  1. Things like that leave me perplexed. Everyone is researching solid-state batteries. But no one is researching a solid state battery with a lower energy density that charges more slowly but is more expensive. In which car with which specific performance data does it come? As long as this is not clear, the message is of little use. I can also claim that I am working on a battery made of pork meat with onions, which will be ready for series production in 2028, put everything in your pocket and can be recycled and eaten as a meatball..


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