StoreDot: New patent ensures more range per minute charging time

StoreDot: New patent ensures more range per minute charging time-patent

Storedot, an Israeli start-up associated with the energy company BP uses novel electrolyte solutions and nanomaterials in lithium-ion batteries. This allows batteries that can be loaded in just five minutes or even faster. In addition, Storedot is underpinning its leadership role in XFC technologies with a patent for revolutionary systems that shortens the loading times of electric vehicles.

How to understand the start-up will significantly improve the system for mileage per charging line. In the future, it should then be that Storedot provides the technology to the entire market. The aim is to expand the existing charging infrastructure to accelerate the worldwide distribution of electric vehicles and to create an emission-free world. The patent-pending technology includes hardware and software advances that create a “booster” function that allows the battery to analyze the performance of the charging station in real time and to adapt the capability of the battery to transmit high current rates.

StoreDot: New patent ensures more range per minute charging time-storedotStoreDot

In practice, this means that the communication between the XFC battery and the charging system of a vehicle is improved. The cells can be loaded faster and cope with a higher current without overheating. In addition, the system can immediately enhance the existing infrastructure systems, which enables faster charging and thus optimizes future quick loading technologies without recovering newer devices in the near future.

“This is an important step for the worldwide community of electric cars, as it allows us all to load faster with only minimal changes to the current infrastructure and the future deployment process. Therefore, we believe that it is important to offer these world-leading innovation other open source-source organizations.”- DR. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of Storedot

At the end of the message, StoreDot performs that patented technology is the most recent development in rapid progress for extremely fast-loading lithium-ion batteries for use in the automotive sector. The company is located in advanced talks with many global car manufacturers and is on the best way to deliver to 2024 serial maturity XFC batteries, which allow a 50% shorter charging time at the same cost. The company has a clear timetable and works at the next generation of XED (Extreme Energy Density Solid State) technologies that will go 2028 into mass production.

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  1. The ultra-fast shop is just interesting for small batteries in small cars or two bikes. Then it can be a relatively small battery for the rare long-distance rare.

    For the large cars soon the maximum performance of the charging stations is achieved and connection power is expensive.

  2. But reads as good as only the XF …… Batteries can do that, how should something for the rest of the e car work without the battery, just visions again.


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