StoreDot technology prevents battery wear over life

StoreDot technology prevents battery wear over life-storedot

Storedot, an Israeli start-up, develops with which the energy company BP works and works on batteries that can be loaded in less than five minutes. In the e-mobility scene, this is known as XFC technology – Extreme Fast Charging -. But this time is not in focus. Instead, the technology, which electric battery batteries gives a fixed capacity and range throughout its life.

This revolutionary breakthrough of the digital battery, which is achieved by a combination of patented software and cell chemistry management, gives the owner of an electric vehicle a fixed range throughout the useful life of the battery. The software controls both charging voltages and the silicon-based XFC cell chemistry of StoreDot to load less the battery at the beginning of its lifetime and compensate for performance over the entire life of the battery.

Without this development, it has so far been the case that the battery capacity and thus also the range has removed over the life of the vehicle. As a result, StoreDot is confident that the certainty and consistency that this advance provides will also improve vehicle residual values, reduce leasing costs and benefit both consumers and the global automakers that use this technology.

As with previous patented technologies, StoreDot is making this technology available to other organizations for an enhanced driving experience to accelerate global adoption of electric vehicles and a future zero-emission world.

“This new patent, which we will make available as open source to any company, is another good example of this commitment. Our new digital battery software, which is tailored to our leading silicon-based cell chemistry, will provide all the owners of electric vehicles a guaranteed battery power and range throughout the life of your vehicle.”- DR. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of Storedot

In addition, Myersdorf performs that the “deterioration of the battery performance of one of the main problems is the long-term use of E-vehicles”. It is therefore important to “that we all do everything to promote the mass acceptance of E vehicles, on our critical way to a cleaner world,” conclusively the CEO of Storedot.

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  1. unbelievable as an old hat should be released. For mobile batteries, the energy flow is already regulated. So at a new 150 kWh are only z.B. 100 kWh and a maximum unloading current is released, the battery is aged and has only 100 kWh still notices the user of the aging yet.


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