StoreDot: XFC Technology Reaches Milestone

StoreDot: XFC Technology Reaches Milestone-expanded leadership position field batteries

StoreDot, an Israeli start-up, has managed to reach an important milestone with its XFC (Extreme Fast Charging) battery technology for electric vehicles. Thus, the company, manufactured XFC cells, which can be charged in 10 minutes and maintain at least 80% energy after 850 successive fast charging cycles with an energy density of 300Wh / kg and 680 Wh / l. In early 2022, it is expected that 1.000 consecutive XFC cycles are exceeded.

In addition to the energy company BP, Daimler AG, TDK and Samsung are also involved in StoreDot. The start-up uses novel electrolyte solutions and nanomaterials in lithium-ion batteries. This allows batteries to be made that can be charged in as little as five minutes or less. The first prototypes can currently do this in ten minutes. And this probably also over a longer period of time, as the most recent results at room temperature and without pressure show.

With a track record of global expansion, innovation leadership, manufacturing readiness and industry expertise – including a dozen groundbreaking patents – StoreDot is at the forefront of the automotive electrification revolution. So at least the own classification of the company on the market.

“We are pleased that we have completed our best year so far and achieved all important milestones earlier than expected. We will look back on the year 2021 as one of the years in which we have made significant progress, of which the entire EV industry has benefited in many areas, and where we have further expanded our leadership position in the field of EV batteries.”- DR. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of Storedot

According to Myersdorf you look at an even more eventful year 2022. You will build on the achievements from 2021 in the coming year. But also further developments, among other things, from the field of solid state cell technologies. “Storedot has a promising future in front of him, in which we offer our vision, the automotive manufacturers a clear technology roadmap for a seamless and fast transition to electrification, continue to implement aggressively and continue to use us for an emission-free world for upcoming generations,” So the CEO of StoreDot conclusively.

StoreDot: XFC Technology Reaches Milestone-storedotStoreDot

Storedot focuses on providing technologies that improve the driving experience and help to reduce the range and charging with more kilometers range per minute charging time. Storedot holds at his goal to bring extreme almost charging (XFCs) to mass production by 2024, followed by Solid State, Extreme Energy Density (XED) technology up to 2028.

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  1. The diagram does not reflect the text – the battery can be charged in 10 minutes or 15 – or was that even a deliberate mistake because most of the fine print is not reading?

    At the Hyundai Ioniq 5 you can already recharge a cell at the conditions mentioned above in the diagram (25 degrees C) in 18 minutes from 10 to 80%.
    Where exactly is the groundbreaking progress?

    I stay – Storedot – a lot of smoke about nothing!
  2. “” We are pleased that [… Big Snip …] We further expanded our leadership position in the field of EV batteries.””

    Maul Would I call all those who do not have a real product in truth – but still talk about them Product promise to hold a leadership repository .. &# 128577;


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