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While Tesla usually always equips the new vehicles with the latest technology, this now seems to be different. It seems that old batteries are built into the new models. What is behind it? Site has investigated this question and clarifies the facts. In the video you can see the site test for the Tesla Model 3 in winter.

Like Fred Lambert on Electrek.CO reported, strange warnings have appeared on the Tesla homepage. These indicate outdated batteries in vehicles produced in 2021.

Shortly before the end of the year, Tesla tries to reduce the stock as far as possible using a large -scale delivery wave. Elon Musk told his employees that this year they would not have to do it as much as it is usually common at Tesla in the last quarter. Nevertheless, the carmaker tries to sell his stocks as much as possible and thereby improve his finances.

"New car" With outdated batteries?

This also includes the sale of test vehicles. Tesla sells these cars as a new car on its website, where they have been found for a few days. Several people have pointed out that Tesla under some of these Model 3 "demo"-Vehicles have set very strange warnings. In the warning it says: "This vehicle was equipped with a battery, the production of which can go back to 2017. Although this battery was brand new when building the car, its capacity has dropped due to cell age and you have to expect up to twelve percent less reach compared to current production specifications."

Tesla leaves press inquiries open

The dubious note can be found on several Model-3 sales pages, but the production year should be according to Tesla 2021. A strange situation that is difficult to explain – especially since Tesla does not address the topic further and currently no press inquiries accepted. It is speculated whether the car manufacturer has installed old batteries into new vehicles – considering the current delivery bottlenecks for chips and Co. Wouldn’t that be completely absurd. In any case, without an official statement by Tesla, speculation will not come to rest so quickly.

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To the Reichsteiten computer

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