Study: Demand drives German market for charging stations

Study: Demand drives German market for charging stations-demand

The times look rosy for electric cars. Most recently, we reported that, until the end of November 2021, millions of e-vehicles have already been admitted in Europe. The proportion of new registrations is over 10% per month, and especially in Germany, the proportion of car new registrations exceeding the 20 percentage mark is clearly noticeable. A development that makes itself noticeable on the demand for charging stations.

In this area there is truly even more choice than the E-vehicles themselves. Currently, nearly 900 models of charging stations of over 200 providers are available in Germany. With 41 percent, AC wallboxes are dominated. EUPD Research asks in the new “Market Monitor Charging Stations” 400 installers on the subject of charging station installation in Germany. The look is interesting because the still young market is still working very demand-dependent. At 81 percent, the majority of the product purchases of the installers in 2021 takes place directly on customer demand.

If one now looks at the fact that the new federal government plans to be 15 million pure electric cars on the German streets until 2030, it becomes clear where the travel for charging infrastructure is. This ambitious growth path exercises equally high demand for charging infrastructure in both public, semi-public and private sectors. Sometimes the boom was in the loading area in the loading area by the now stopped funding program of the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW). Should also be growing in the future, with increasing number of e-auto approvals.

“With the further growth of electromobility in Germany, we expect a promotional-independent market for charging stations in the medium term. Accordingly, the procurement behavior of the installers will also change, “says Christine Koch, Student Manager of the Market Monitor Charging Stations at EupD Research. The growth for home charges already seems to be given due to the fact that “home shop” is cheaper than the store at public stations. No wonder that already over 100 energy suppliers offer appropriate loading rates.

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  1. Yes, the times look rosy. In November 2021

    https: // http://www.Car engine and sport.DE / Traffic / New Registration-November-2021 /

    There is: “In November 2021 198.258 cars released and thus 31.7 percent less than in the same month last year. The real winners are only three electric car builders.
    In these numbers of winners “to speak, just because some models are driven electrically??? 31.7% less, close yes? Looks rather after that you abolish cars generally.

    Also in China it is not exactly round ..

  2. And when we are at the topic – charging columns –

    You look at this day of day: https: // / baisughxzjw

    What is written there? “Strapped: charging columns in inner cities in short supply – what’s wrong with expansion?”
    Where? HERE!


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