Study for the IAA: Opel brings the Monza back


Opel brings the Monza back

Study for the IAA: Opel brings the Monza back-opel

Opel boss Karl Thomas Neumann gives a little preview of the Monza Concept study, which will be fully unveiled at the IAA in September

Source: Opel

It’s just a name at first. But the IAA study Monza Concept could first go into series production, second then actually be called Monza – and thirdly revive a technology that was forgotten at Opel. a concept vehicle for the IAA – that’s not a big surprise, almost everyone is doing it. But Opel could exhibit the car most people want to see in Frankfurt in September: the new Monza.

The name of the car electrifies the fans more than the new design language, which is unfortunately only vaguely depicted in the first released picture. Because the Monza is a kind of Manta de Luxe, i.e. a large coupe with which Opel wanted to offer an alternative to Mercedes in the 80s.

The sales figures were not the big hit: after almost 43,000 cars had been built in eight years, the Monza was discontinued in 1986.

Model for future Opel design

But the old name for the new study is intended to revive the self-confidence from back then and underline the message: Opel is back in the mix with beautiful and special cars.

Opel boss Karl Thomas Neumann is already leaning a long way out of the window when he says: “The Monza Concept is a study that represents the next generation of Opel models will have a lasting impact. "

Flat headlights, a huge grill, plus very lush air inlets – you can already see that despite the deliberate underexposure of the released image.

The shape of the car, on the other hand, remains in the dark. Is the Monza Concept a couzpe like its historical predecessor? Must stay open.

Rear-wheel drive would be conceivable

Drive, technical data? Nothing. Just the promise to set new standards in terms of entertainment and networking. Not the worst idea, as Opel has some catching up to do.

"AutoBild" writes in its latest edition that the Monza Concept Rear-wheel drive like the original from the eighties. Technical background today: The car is based on the Cadillac ATS, a 4.65 meter long mid-range sedan.

The Cadillac-Opel combination would be a collaboration between two brands of the General Motors group, but technically and in terms of image it would be unusual. All other Opel models have been driving with front-wheel drive for decades.

From a group perspective, an Opel with rear-wheel drive could still fit: The Cadillac ATS is the first copy of GM’s new Alpha platform, and it urgently needs further models. Because in an interview with “AutoBild” Karl Thomas Neumann also says: “Nowadays every architecture has to have a circulation of one million, otherwise it doesn’t pay off, that’s just the way it is.”

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