Study: More than 1-3 of the Germans do not know e-mobility

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Study: More than 1-3 of the Germans do not know e-mobility-know

The future of mobility is electrically, there is hardly any doubt: in 2020 alone, the number of authorized electric vehicles has risen by 139 percent, producers such as Audi, Volkswagen and Volvo have already announced to be fully adopted by the burner. But how good are the Germans actually informed about the topic of e-mobility and in which areas do they wish advice?

The electronics specialist market company Euronics-Germany has been distributing the E-SUV AIWAYS U5 since last year. In the course of a representative online survey, the electronics dealer has examined the know-how and the information behavior in e-mobility. The results make it clear: the knowledge of the Germans is still expandable despite the massive increase in demand.

According to their self-assessment on knowledge about e-mobility away from the electric car, 46.5 percent of respondents arise to be well informed. Over a third (35.5 percent) appreciate their knowledge as rather low. The fact that e-mobility seems to be a male domain suggests a look at the detail evaluation: with 56.8 percent, men consider better informed as women (36.1 percent). Low-younger respondents aged between the ages of 18 and 29 are their knowledge of e-mobility higher than the study participants from 30 years.

“Electromobility goes far beyond the electric car. Consumers must deal with new processes and technologies, making the purchase decision difficult. The fact that over a third of the Germans does not feel sufficiently informed means for us to stand by the customer with service and advice to the side. Our regularly trained dealers are the best contacts around e-mobility. They are in close contact with their customers, know what is needed and can be ideally advised.”- Philipp Neuffer, project manager e-mobility at Euronics Germany

For potential buyers of electric cars, consulting two topics are in the foreground: 69 percent of the target audience would like to discuss state subsidies and bonuses. For 65 percent, information on maintenance and repairs are particularly relevant. Details on the performance and durability of the E-car (45 percent) and the provision of charging columns on site (44 percent) are just equally important among the surveyed e-car.

Local trade can score with advice and services from one source

For the participants of the study, a comprehensive range of a dealer is a clear advantage and an important acquisition argument: 51 percent of respondents would rather buy an e-mobility product when the appropriate services are offered from a single source. However, this question shows regional differences in Germany. While 29 percent of West Germans do not want advice on e-mobility products, this share is significantly higher in East Germany with 37 percent.

For EURONICS is the chance of hand: where still knowledge about e-mobility is missing, dealers can provide important educational work on site and advise their customers at the purchase decision. In addition to the sale of the Aiways U5, the extensive range of additional services is also an important topic for EURONICs, such as the installation of wallboxes or solar systems.

The survey of EURONICS was carried out online together with the opinion research institute Civey at the end of January 2021. In the survey period 10 have.000 respondents participated at the age of 18 to 65 years.

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2 thoughts on “Study: More than 1-3 of the Germans do not know e-mobility”

  1. Not all those who think of them are truly know – even reasonably – out. Especially among those who are electromobility critical, in my experience many in truth have no sound idea or. At best at regular level (“that does not work”).
    Many already know the difference between electrically and electrified at all.

  2. The accepted number of informed is with certainty at all. I claim quite cheeky that 90% of those who do not drive yet, just know that they would not find a filler neck for gasoline or diesel behind the ‘tank cap’. Even much more will not know that an electric car does not have to be switched anymore. Even more, you will know that our charging infrastructure and thus the payment systems are a very bad joke and that the electricity providers in the Stakkato increase their prices .


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