Study predicts 42 percent growth per year for e-motorcycles

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Study predicts 42 percent growth per year for e-motorcycles-study

According to a new study, electric motorcycles will become an integral part of the global motorcycle market in the coming years. Technavio analysts anticipate that the global high-performance electric motorcycle market will grow at a CAGR of 41.80 percent over the period 2017-2021.

The global motorcycle industry has two segments, one segment consists of high performance motorcycles (considered a premium segment) and the other segment consists of two wheelers used for commuting. Both segments operate under opposite market dynamics with different customer behavior and value chains.

For the study, Technavio took a closer look at the electric motorcycle specialists in the premium segment, Energica Motor Company, Lightning Motorcycle, Sarolea and Zero Motorcycles. Other well-known players in the market are: Alta Motors, Bell Custom Cycles (BCC), Cake, KTM, Lito, Polaris Industries, Saietta Group, Emflux, Johammer e-mobility, Torkmotors and ZecOO.

Long-distance e-motorcycles are trendy

A trend on the market is therefore the development of long-distance motorcycles with electric drives. So far they have been delivering powerful performance on the road, but their range cannot yet justify the high prices, according to the analysts. A main focus of the manufacturers is therefore to reduce the range disadvantage of e-motorcycles compared to the combustion engine counterparts with advances in battery technology.

Battery technology also plays a key role as the battery accounts for about a quarter of the total cost of an electric motorcycle, thus affecting profitability and adoption rates. The evolution from the traditional lead-acid battery to the current lithium-ion battery has already resulted in eight times better performance. The market is facing continuous improvement in battery technology, which should further increase the energy density of the battery.

High performance electric motorcycles are more expensive than traditional gas powered motorcycles and therefore face intense competition in terms of initial cost and total cost of ownership. In general, the initial cost of electric motorcycles is higher than gas motorcycles, but the total cost of ownership is higher for gas engines due to maintenance and fuel costs. A Zero SR costs 17.345 dollars and is therefore almost 6000 dollars more expensive than the comparable Ducati Monster 821, which will be available from available for $495.

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