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2000 hp blow Tesla away: This can

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Rimac Nevera

Sturmfront - this can-this

Rimac Nevera: Sturmfront – this can

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

Mate Rimac does not want to completely redefine more than the world of super sports cars. From his C-TWO, the Nevera was now a series model-over 1900 hp and of course purely electrical. Named after a surprisingly emerging storm on the Croatian coast.

Private company founders and Rimac-CEO Mate Rimac drives a gray BMW M5, because an electric car has its weaknesses on longer distances, the Croatian unmistakably admits. But if it is about pure performance and driving pleasure, a combustion engine against a sports car with an electric drive has no chance. You can convince yourself of the new Rimac Nevera that these are not just pithy sayings. Because the spectacular hyper-sports enthusiast, who bore the less handy name C-TWO in the almost four years long prototype status, now has a real name: Nevera. A violent storm on the Croatian coast, which is surprisingly and unprepared Mediterranean and people with wind strengths of up to 250 km/h, lightning and thunder – like the electro athlete, which will be produced in Zagreb from autumn.

Sturmfront - this can-this
pressed form Rimac Nevera

The European Elon Musk

The spectacular performance data of the study have remained and unchanged they let your mouth dry and doubt everything you knew in a sports car so far. V12, turbocharging, sequential gearbox or high speed-all of this seems to have become as a waste with the Nevera storm as the established manufacturers of super sports players: Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Corvette, Lamborghini-all tired numbers. Around a not even 35-year-old car and drift fan who has long since mutated into European Elon Musk. Mate Rimac not only gave the Croatian sports car manufacturer names and impulses, but also passion and innovative strength. The result is an electrical blunder that makes a Porsche 918 Spyder just as shameful in the shade as a La fer rari or a McLaren’s latest type.

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Sturmfront - this can-this

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Full throttle and then loosen the brake

The driving performance is no less than breathtaking. Thanks to its four electric motors, the Nevera lines from a standing start to 100 km/h in a few seconds. How something like that feels only knows who has tried it. So get in and look at the runway of the airport in Zadar on the Croatian coast in peace. Chief test driver Miroslav Zrncevic looks through the narrow window again: “Simply put your left foot on the brake, full throttle and then loosen the brake – then the Nevera traces off.“Full throttle goes in each of the different driving modes that can be selected in the dashboard by a chic aluminaster. So pressed the accelerator, brakes dissolved and the sprint of the 1408 kW / 1912 hp electrical cyclist is huge. The almost 2.2 -ton hyper -sports enthusiast thunders over the runway, which seems to be derailed to a facial features and body mass. At some point behind 250 km/h it goes to the brake – the runway is coming to an end. From the corner of the eye it can be seen that the passenger display shows the current recuperation performance of full braking with almost 300 kilowatts. Au man – that was a ride. Again again the more than 2.000 nm enjoying the rough asphalt over the four wheels – slip? Barely noticeable.

Sturmfront - this can-this
KL-Photo Rimac Nevera

But even if the sprint 0 at 100, 200 or even Tempo 300 should be the measure of things for many, it is the mobility of the Rimac Nevera, which is really enthusiastic you. Spectacularly, the world’s strongest electrical athlete brings its performance to the ground and because company boss Mate Rimac once started his car career in a converted BMW 3 Series of the Generation E30 with an electric motor, the Nevera can also drift. "There will definitely be customers who want to drift with the car," says the 35 -year -old company owner with Brustton Bartige conviction and so the drift mode is selected via the aluraster from the numerous programs. Off on the gas and now it will be really huge. More power on the rear wheels, which otherwise 1.000 kilowatts have to bring to the road and in the first careful drift some of the Michelin high-speed tires in smoke and rubber abrasion on the slopes, while the gray pre-series model heals on the side of the side and the runway uses almost completely. 2.360 nm maximum torque make the all -wheel drive a dangerous weapon, which, however, drives two classes smaller than the Bolide is real due to the active Torque vectoring.

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Sturmfront - this can-sturmfront

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Two million euros

Drift in one almost 2.000 hp hyper -sports enthusiast, who is 412 km/h fast and costs two million euros net – that’s pure madness. Also because all of this in an electro athlete is almost without engine noise. Anyone who drives the Rimac Nevera knows how difficult it will have powerful super and hyper-sports enthusiasts in the next few years.000 or more horsepower for the attention of millionaires begging. Models such as the McLaren Project One can then become a motor sound around buyers, because even in the exclusive interior, the carbon athlete can also use a completely individualized passenger cell. Everything is available here as desired: leather, alcantara, visual carbon – plus comfortable seats and a steering wheel that can more than steer with its operating modules.

Sturmfront - this can-tons weight Kult-Jeep comes plugin
pressed form Rimac Nevera

It goes onto the street in the electrical flounder, which crouches flat on the asphalt and not only ensures open mouths and high thumbs on the Croatian island of PAG for the passages of the populated areas. The local people know Mate Rimac and his company Rimac Automobili, of course, from local patriotism and – young and old – can worry down the performance data while sleeping. The Nevera is a normal sports car on the street – at least almost. The body is 70.000 Nm / degrees stiffer than with an LMP1 racing car, the comfort is surprisingly large and every small part was developed and created by Rimac itself: displays, switches, controls, seats and even the cool key-everything from our own production. "We had to do that, because no switch or a special key would have made for the 150 vehicles," says Mate Rimac. And the Croatian Elon Musk didn’t want to off the shelf for his dream car.

50 pieces a year

It is empty on the country road of the archipelago in front of the Croatian coast, because the season has not yet started here this time Coronabed. A small intermediate sprint is therefore always in there. On the left and right, the barren moon landscapes fly past before being at 50th Tempo 50 through almost deserted towns that have probably seen better times or are still waiting for them. The fact that the accelerator is indecent is not surprising after the airport lanes. Depending on the selected driving program, a mighty wing in the Croatian sky, which surprisingly analog rear mirrors, is stretched out, which ensures contact pressure or support for braking performance. However, not only is the acceleration and the driveability of the Rimac Nevera, but the degree of manufacturing art is really surprising. Even if some fine -tuning must be done in the pre -series model of steering feedback, braking feeling and chassis, the electrical blunder does not drive like a smallest series model, from which Rimac wants to produce and sell 50 vehicles each in the next three years. The technical twin model of the Paninfarina Battista, which comes a little more elegant, is also created in the same production. In general, the Rimac Nevera is at least optically a normal sports car without a wild design skiing for the new measure of the hypersport winglingen. This should be easier for Mate Rimac to sell its 150 vehicles – especially in the USA, Europe and the United Arab Emirates.However, the RIMAC developers were not only able to do performance and performance that rob you of your breath, but also a tolerable level of everyday benefits. In range mode, the fastest electric car in the world has a range of 550 kilometers-possible by a 120 kWh battery in the substructure, which in conjunction with the carbon fiber chassis contributes almost 40 percent of the vehicle stiffness. The battery package can be strengthened in just under 20 minutes to up to 80 percent-if the 500 kW charging technology is also available across the board. That will take a while. And probably longer before there is a sports car that can overtake the Rimac Nevera.

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Sturmfront - this can-this

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  1. And at km / h. 120 ??
    The green E-Mobil enthusiasts are a little bit of schizofren, they demand from us … All of the switch to battery operation, ignore that neither the power grid nor the charging infrastructure will be enough for this and then present accordance cars that thunder at speeds beyond good and evil over runway. At the same time, however, they want 120 km/h speed limit on the last free motorways in the world. How about if you decide what the new green world should look like? Or do the climate CO2 antiplastic and animal welfare rules apply only to those who have no millions in the account??

  2. Stupid heading
    But the author chose a rarely stupid headline. As if it is about the pioneer of electric vehicles "blow away". And just by the way: For this price you would get 10 Tesla Model S Plaid with a total of 10200 hp. And from the 700.000 € Rest another house with a suitable garage.

  3. For real?
    I would like to see the house that at 700K purchase price there is a garage for 10 cars. Vehicles like the Rimac are toys for rich. There is also a market for that. Although I assume that such a rimac offers a completely different driving behavior than a model s plaid. Makes little sense to compare a hypersport car with a sedan.

  4. If data then all ..
    An addendum on the part of the editor would be nice: how many minutes can you drive the 412 km/h? How is the range then? How is the battery cooled in this performance query? How high is the speed in Range mode 550km range? Would be a shame if you drive after 30km or 10 minutes from a z.B. Smart is overtaken.

  5. consumption
    The Bugatti Veyron has a range of 432 km at its officially specified average consumption (according to the very optimistic NEFZ standard) of 23.1l with a tank volume of 100 l. If you drive carefully…

  6. What a stupid title font.
    But the author produced a lot of clickbait again, no matter how borrial it sounds. To compare Teslas with a super athlete…What is the next Teslas Cybertruck with VW Polos? If Musk ever put himself in the head to build a super athlete, the Croatian will quickly look very old. Technologief leader and such.

  7. Do you really believe that?
    What the "Croatian" Since it produces, by the way, with massive know -how from Porsche, the "Musk" Get there first. He doesn’t even get it baked to manufacture its average cars in an acceptable quality. It is better if he doesn’t even try super sports cars. Their customers have somewhat higher quality standards than the Wagelchen let out the Tesla.

  8. Only performance
    This is the right place for this car, Formula1 greets greetings. Price as always, there is no broad market you can determine the price yourself. But again a car that can only afford mega -rich, and I’m not talking about the one 6 in the lottery or people with a 25.000 € net monthly salary.

  9. I hope so
    a lifelong battery change is also covered at the price. A price increase is not to be expected at the vehicle at first because even if it is only in the showroom after 10-12 years.

  10. Just calculate…
    Then just calculate what it costs after 10 years of showroom with an exotic 12 cylinder to change all hard -related valve shaft seals, simmer rings, straps and other rubber parts. There are the battery cells you event. has to exchange, which only costs half of the smaller position until ten years anyway, presumably the smaller position.

  11. for
    2 million € I buy a private jet and depend on everything that has bikes!!! Save me loading times, never stand in traffic jam and kerosene is almost tax -free!!!

  12. So I am not clear
    Why always everything Tesla "blow away" got to. What kind of journalism is that? This car moves in an absolute niche, has nothing to do with a wider mass of potential customers. In this respect, not to be compared to Tesla or otherwise a large vehicle manufacturer. Who can afford something like that, my congratulations. The car is certainly a lot of fun. Maybe Mr. Musk wants to buy one, just to see how to build beautiful electric cars.

  13. That’s right, Mr. Harper
    It is difficult to argue about taste, that’s a good thing. I don’t see that only Audi’s are interesting for the German electric cars. There are other great vehicles. I also don’t think it is important whether a vehicle is recognizable as an electric car. Ultimately, everyone has to see what likes, fits financially and which drive you want to drive with.


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