Subaru: Clear focus on the US and at least conditionally on electrification

Subaru: Clear focus on the US and at least conditionally on electrification-electrification

The first electric car from Subaru is to be called Solterra as the manufacturer announces. The compact, battery-electric SUV in the C-segment, which subaru develops together with Toyota, is expected to come 2022 or 2023 in the trade. But then it is rather sluggish in terms of e-mobility. Also, if the manufacturer is now a million heavy investment in the direction of electromobility.

Subaru announced to build a new research and development center in order to become competitive in the segment of fully electric vehicles. Thus, Subaru Corporation is to invest 272.2 million dollars in the construction of a new seven-storey technical center at their production site in the prefecture of Gunma north of Tokyo. The new research and development facility, which is opened in the spring of 2024, will be around 2.800 employees from the fields of technology, product planning and design deal with the development of electric vehicles to accelerate. Subaru is slowly committed to the global race for electromobility and says that it will accelerate the product development process and improve flexibility if the industry is up to electrified vehicles.

The Solterra will be the first vehicle of the Japanese, which builds on the E-Subaru Global Platform for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). To the technical data, Subaru has not yet expressed itself. According to speculation, a good 200 kW of achievement and a range of about 500 kilometers is expected. According to Subaru, the dealers in California will first get the Solderra, as well as Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington State and Washington DC, Vermont, New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Colorado.

Subaru gives you to understand that up to 2030 will be at least 40 percent of our own worldwide sales battery electric vehicles or hybrid electro models. In the first half of the 2030s, all subaru vehicles sold worldwide will have a form of electrification technology. By 2050, the CO2 emissions of the worldwide sold new cars should be reduced by at least 90 percent compared to 2010.

Subaru focuses on the US market on which around 71 percent of its vehicles are sold worldwide. Subaru says: “We want to keep and expand our market share by further developing our business model with added value. We strive for a market share of five percent in our key market USA.”

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