Subaru future: The all-wheel drive pioneer becomes sporty

Subaru future

The all-wheel drive pioneer becomes sporty

Subaru future: The all-wheel drive pioneer becomes sporty-future
The Subaru BRZ is a sister model of the Toyota GT 86

Subaru future: The all-wheel drive pioneer becomes sporty-subaru

Subaru future: The all-wheel drive pioneer becomes sporty
Subaru wants to reflect on sporting roots – the new BRZ only starts the start.

Subaru wants to set up more aggressive with several new models: In addition to the upcoming sports car BRZ, a sports combination could come onto the market in two years. The brand wants to make up for this: at the latest with the exit from the Rallye World Championship, which looked like a bang at the end of 2008, the Japanese all-wheel specialist Subaru seems to have neglected his sporty genes. The forester’s turbo variant has long been deleted from the European model program, and the Legacy Turbo was only available on a special order. Finally, only the 220 kW/300 hp Impreza WRX STI, a relic of the rally engagement, figured as a sporty fig leaf in the model program.
However, in Tokyo, however, it has become clear that it is not enough to offer brave family cars from the stroking of the legacy and highly laid combination for hunters and forester such as the crossover forester. The rear-wheel-driven sports car BRZ, which comes onto the market in mid-2012 with a 2.0-liter boxer suction engine and 147 kW/200 HP. With the GT86, Toyota offers an almost identical sister model – however, the development took place at Subaru and you attach great importance to offering the "original". In addition, stronger variants are already intended – the study shown in Los Angeles in November gives a first look at this in November. The abbreviation Sti stands for the subsidiary Subaru Tecnica International, which specializes in high-performance vehicles-such a model should scratch the 300 hp brand.
The "TS" line is even more exclusive than the STI models-that means "Tuned by Sti". This label will be created in a small edition, which are even lighter and more sophisticated. In the future, Subaru could also offer the TS models in export.
The Advanced Tourer Concept, which was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show at the beginning of December. "With this model we want to calm the Subaru fans that the current legacy has become too American and too well," said a Subaru manager. In fact, the Advanced Tourer is similar to the predecessor generation of the Legacy, with which Subaru clearly oriented towards German premium manufacturers.
The drive will take over the new four-cylinder boxer engine generation, which is currently available with 1.6 and 2.0 liters of displacement and a performance scale of 84 kW/114 to 147 kW/200 hp. In the first stage of expansion with turbocharging, 176 kW/240 hp are likely to be reached, there are little limits upwards. If the sports combination comes onto the market, the WRX and STI derivatives may be created on this platform in the future and no longer on an impreza basis. Until it is time, the WRX or. STI models on the basis of the expiring Impreza generation further off the assembly line.

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