Subarus First E-SUV SOLETERRA is inspired by Toyota BZ4X

Subarus First E-SUV SOLETERRA is inspired by Toyota BZ4X-subarus

The partnership of Subaru and Toyota has produced another vehicle. With the Subaru Solterra now moves to Subaru the first pure stromer. The Elektro-SUV will come to the street from the coming year. At first glance, he resembles the Toyota BZ4x, which is not surprised, one has a decisive on the same basis to build an E-vehicle.

The compact, battery electrical SUV in the C segment, which subaru developed together with Toyota is the first vehicle of the Japanese, which builds on the E-Subaru Global Platform for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). This has the same basic shape as the BZ4x. But therefore comes with another radiant grille, other lighting and other details. On both sides of the Solderra are small eV “plaques to see above the same striking black plastic cladding of the fender.

Subarus First E-SUV SOLETERRA is inspired by Toyota BZ4X-inspiredSubaru

The Solderra offers space on two rows of seats up to five passengers, similar to the compact SUV forester. The remaining dimensions also correspond to those of the forester. In terms of ground clearance, the Solterra knows how to convince more, which should give the Stromer a certain groundability. Subaru knowsth about putting this in the video to the premiere of electric car in scene. The Solderra leaves a series of obstacles in the terrain, including gravel and climbing a kind of stairs. Subaru confirmed that the Solterra will have the same X-mode AWD control system, which is also available in many other vehicles from Subaru. Analogous to the BZ4X, the Solterra comes with a front-wheel drive and a four-wheel drive variant. Although only the latter will find their way to the USA.

Subarus First E-SUV SOLETERRA is inspired by Toyota BZ4X-e-suvSubaru

The information on the powertrain is right with those of the BZ4x: a 71.4-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and 201 hp with front drive or. 215 hp with four-wheel drive thanks to the additional rear motor. Toyota gives an estimated range for the BZ4X to the 500 km in the Japanese WLTC cycle, while Subaru is a bit more optimistic or 460 km (AWD) a bit more optimistic or 460 km (AWD). No words were lost to the charging performance, it can be assumed that you are also oriented here at Toyota. This means a fast charging capacity of up to 150 kW with the possibility to reach 80% of the capacity in 30 minutes.

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  1. Why, especially with pure BEVs, continues to specify performance in outdated units such as PS, but equal time to the battery capacity in kWh?


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