Subarus first electric car should be called Solterra and debut 2022

Subarus first electric car should be called Solterra and debut 2022-solterra

The first electric car from Subaru is to be called Solterra as the manufacturer announces. The compact, battery-electric SUV in the C segment, which subaru develops together with Toyota, should come 2022 in the trade. The Solterra will be the first vehicle of the Japanese, which builds on the E-Subaru Global Platform for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). To the technical data, Subaru has not yet expressed itself. According to speculation, a good 200 kW of achievement and a range of about 500 kilometers is expected.

The e-subaru global platform developed by Subaru and Toyota enabled the efficient introduction of various types of electric cars by combining multiple modules and components such as the front, middle and back of a vehicle. While the two companies have brought their knowledge together to create a completely new platform, Subaru also set the goal of achieving superior passive safety and vehicle stability as the manufacturer communicates.

Not only the platform as a traveling pedestal, also the Solderra was therefore developed together by Subaru and Toyota. The broad spectrum of cooperation include important areas such as product planning, design and performance rating. In this development, the two companies combine their respective strengths, such as the many years of experience with all-wheel technology of Subaru and the Toyota electrification technologies, to create a new SUV with properties that can only provide a fully electric vehicle.

The name Solderra is an art word consisting of the terms “Sol” and “Terra”, the Latin words for “sun” and “Earth”. Subaru gave his electric car this name to appreciate mother’s nature, so the manufacturer in a current message. Solderra is intended to be included in the product range of SUVS Ascent, Outback, Forester and XV and from mid-2022 in markets such as Japan, the USA, Canada, Europe and China.

Subarus first electric car should be called Solterra and debut 2022-firstSubaru

The news underlines the efforts of Subaru to reduce its ecological footprint and satisfy the growing demand for alternative drives. It also signals the second step of the trade mark for electrification in Europe after recent recent hybrid variants of three core models in this region: The Impreza E-Boxer models, Subaru XV E-Boxer and Forester E-Boxer Today, 60 percent of sales volumes in Europe.

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  1. Basically, Subaru builds very durable and well thought-out cars. If that succeeds in the same way, he will find his customers.

  2. Actually announced for 2021 in the EU

    https: // www.Electric car news.Net / Electric cars / Subaru-Supported-Plaene-Electric SUV-EVOLTIS-2021-Europe

    The Subaru comes on the (together with Toyota) E-TNGA base, but only in the middle of 2022.
    What the manufacturer wants to score in the now highly occupied C-ESUV sector would only recognize exact price / performance information.
    It is urgently time to end the promotion of part-time dizziness streamers in the EU!


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