Success has many faces

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Success has many faces

The Skoda Octavia is the best-selling car in Switzerland. This is also due to its versatility, as the latest versions show.

Skoda Octavia RS.

Buying a car is a matter of taste. There are of course many rational reasons that are important for choosing the right model, but in the end it is usually the heart that decides. That’s why the sporty “RS” version is an important building block for the success of the Skoda Octavia in Switzerland. Around every third Octavia sold in this country has the sporty abbreviation on the radiator grille. So it’s only logical that Skoda submitted the “RS” shortly after the launch of the new Octavia generation.

For the first time, the sporty Czech is now available in three engine variants: As before, as a petrol engine with front-wheel drive or as a diesel with all-wheel drive, and now also as a plug-in hybrid with front-wheel drive and 245 hp.

Around two thirds of all Octavia RS have been sold as diesel so far, which should be mainly due to the all-wheel drive. In the new generation, too, the drive in the diesel RS is identical to the most powerful compression-ignition engine in the standard Octavia; the “RS” only stands out with its customized look inside and out and a sportier chassis.

If you want the full portion of sportiness in the family station wagon, you still have to go for the petrol engine. It combines the drive train from the current VW Golf GTI with the practical station wagon body and up to 1700 liters of loading volume.

Sporty on the go

With 245 hp, a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and a mechanical differential lock on the driven front axle, the new Octavia RS is ideally equipped to offer sporty driving pleasure. The sprint to 100 km/h takes 6.7 seconds and the top speed is limited to 250 km/h. The body has been lowered by 15 millimeters compared to the standard Octavia; a chassis with adjustable dampers is also available on request.

Of course, the Octavia RS doesn’t feel as agile and handy as the VW Golf GTI, which is around 40 centimeters shorter. But the spacious family station wagon is far from being a bore.

Success has many faces-many

Skoda Octavia RS

It transfers its power well onto the road even in tight corners, steers precisely and convinces with very safe and predictable handling. Just the right mix of sporting ambition and the necessary unobtrusiveness for an everyday athlete.

This also applies to the interior: Here the RS stands out with a few visual details, digital instruments with a sportier design and the RS sports seats. The latter offer very good lateral support, are pleasantly softly padded for long distances – and thanks to the chic embroidered check pattern, they are also a pleasure to look at.

Success has many faces-success

Skoda Octavia RS

The new Octavia RS is a skilful continuation – and should continue to be sold quite often, because it not only offers a lot of everyday use and sporty flair, but also remains reasonable, as is typical for Skoda: the prices for the petrol engine start at 46,390 francs; the plug-in hybrid with 245 hp costs from 49,930 francs, the diesel 4×4 from 49,510 francs.

Station wagon for bad paths

The second newcomer to the model portfolio shows just how versatile Skoda wants to offer the Octavia: the new Octavia Scout. As with the predecessor, the Czech VW subsidiary also offers a station wagon with some off-road capability for the new generation; To a certain extent a compromise between station wagon and SUV – but it is not easy in times of the SUV boom: recently the Scout only achieved a market share of 7 to 8% within the Octavia series. In Switzerland, the “Scout” (English for boy scouts) is only available with 200 hp diesel and all-wheel drive and, with a basic price of 46,870 francs, is 2,000 francs more expensive than the conventional station wagon. In return, the Scout customer gets 163 millimeters of ground clearance – 15 more than the basic version -, underbody protection and wheel arches in solid plastic cladding. In addition, the Scout has an off-road mode that adjusts the chassis, control electronics and drive to unpaved surfaces, as well as a hill descent control.

Success has many faces-success

Skoda Octavia Scout.

In everyday life on the road, the Scout is above all worth considering because it offers a little more suspension comfort and a slightly higher seating position thanks to the raised chassis. The exact opposite of the sporty «RS».

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