Suitable for winter: with this Audi A3 it’s already convertible season


With this Audi A3 it’s already convertible season

Suitable for winter: with this Audi A3 it's already convertible season-suitable

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Audi is again offering the current A3 generation as a convertible.

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Suitable for winter: with this Audi A3 it's already convertible season-audi

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Like its predecessor, the new A3 Cabrio also has a soft top, but is now based on the longer notchback version and no longer on the hatchback version. This means that dhe car 18 centimeters longer.

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Suitable for winter: with this Audi A3 it's already convertible season-audi

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The trunk in particular benefits from this. With 320 liters it now holds 60 liters as its predecessor. If necessary, the rear seats can also be folded down, increasing the volume to 680 liters grows.

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Suitable for winter: with this Audi A3 it's already convertible season-already

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Prices start at 31,700 euros. For this you get the 1.4 TFSI with 140 PS. The next more powerful gasoline engine, the 1.8 TFSI with 180 hp, costs at least 35,800 euros.

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Suitable for winter: with this Audi A3 it's already convertible season-this

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For the 2.0 TDI with 150 PS you have to invest at least 34,300 euros.

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Suitable for winter: with this Audi A3 it's already convertible season-winter

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A highly recommended extra is the € 250 acoustic hood.

Source: Reprint free of charge for press purposes / AUDI AG

Suitable for winter: with this Audi A3 it's already convertible season-convertible

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When the acoustic top is closed, you hardly notice that you are sitting in a convertible – even at high speed on the autobahn. The cockpit looks like any A3 cockpit: high quality and easy to use. The A3 Cabrio is a good car, but Audi also charges a high price for it.

Source: Audi

The convertible version of the new Audi A3 is coming in 2014. Like its predecessor, it has a soft top again. But the best thing is that you can leave out a fur hat and down jacket even in winter.

“Please take some time off!” Normally, you can only tell your family doctor that. But this request could soon come from the Audi dealer too – if need be, even in the thick of winter.

In a few weeks the Bavarians will give the cold shoulder to low temperatures, snow and bad weather and shortly after the turn of the year they will be bringing the A3 back to the start as a convertible at prices starting at EUR 31,700.

Whether the sun is already laughing or gray clouds are still hanging in the sky doesn’t matter to them. First of all, the acoustic hood of the convertible roof, which has been improved once again, is so well insulated against noise and air that with the hood closed you almost feel like you are in a conventional coupe.

And secondly, the automatic air conditioning, heated seats and neck blower mean the passengers so well that you hardly notice the weather anyway. At least as long as the windows are closed and the wind deflector is up. Without this protection a really stormy car, only a mild breeze blows through the convertible – fur hat and down jacket you can safely leave at home.

60 liters more trunk

However, your heart is warm just by looking. Because the poorly proportioned chubby of the first generation has become an elegant sun worshiper. It is not for nothing that the convertible is no longer based on the short three-door model, but has switched to the new sedan.

That stretches the car by a good 20 centimeters to 4.42 meters and visually moves it closer to the open Audi 80, which was once one of the most beautiful open-air cars under the sun.

The new format not only ensures more elegant shapes, but also creates more space for children and cones. Thanks to the extended wheelbase, there is greater knee room in the rear and, with the elegant step at the rear, the trunk. It increases by 60 liters, now holds 287 liters and only shrinks a little when the electric convertible top is placed in the corresponding tub.

Incidentally, this is done at the push of a button, takes 18 seconds and works up to 50 km / h even while driving. And as always, there are active headrests that extend automatically in the event of an accident and thus secure the survival space of the passengers.

The exhaust with the valve

The engine also has something heart-warming about it. After all, the test car drives with the 1.8-liter turbo, which with its 180 hp really heats you up. The front wheels sometimes have a hard time with a maximum of 250 Newton meters.

But with a slim design, tightly coordinated and, at the latest, sharpened with the “Dynamic” mode of the “Drive Select” character control, the convertible storms passionately across the country roads.

It’s just a shame that it sounds so cold even in the hot power mode. In the closed A3 this may still be okay. But if you want to enjoy a convertible with all your senses, your ears should also get something. And not just when there is perhaps an open S3 with flap exhaust.

This engine is just a pious wish at the moment anyway. In addition to the 180 hp petrol engine, the starting grid only includes the 1.4-liter with 140 hp and a 2.0-liter TDI that has 150 hp and is content with 4.2 liters of standard consumption. Later there will also be a 125-hp version of the small gasoline engine for the price correction, with which the entry hurdle will drop to 30,500 euros.

In addition, the Bavarians are stepping up with the diesels. The two-liter is then also available with 184 hp and a 1.6-liter with 110 hp rounds off the program at the bottom.

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