Super 65 cents, diesel 70 cents: We would have to pay for gasoline without taxes

Highest diesel price of all time

Super 65 cents, diesel 70 cents: We would have to pay that much for petrol – without taxes

Super 65 cents, diesel 70 cents: We would have to pay for gasoline without taxes-diesel

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Diesel has never been as expensive as today. Some petrol varieties on the highway have already cracked the 2 euro border. And the price madness continues – because the state has never stopped hand. For comparison: what drivers would pay for fuel without taxes.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More info The inflation is particularly blatant at the petrol pump. And it makes diesel fuel more expensive than ever. In the nationwide daily average of Sundays, the price was 1.555 euros per liter, as the ADAC announced on Monday. With this he towered over to the old high of 1.554 euros from August 2012. The price explosion does not only affect car drivers: freight forwarders, craftsmen and companies will of course set up increased fuel costs to their prices and thus contribute to the general inflation rate.

Crude oil prices and taxes drive the current price increase

According to the ADAC and mineral oil economic association, the most important drivers for high fuel prices are the crude oil prices that had recently been located in the area of multi -year highs. In addition, the stronger dollar is noticeable because crude oil is billed in the US currency. In the case of the diesel, there is also the price of increasing heating oil demand in autumn. In addition, both associations referred to the CO2 tax of 25 euros per ton, which has been introduced by the state, which has to be paid since the beginning of the year and the fuel is more expensive.

Super 65 cents, diesel 70 cents: We would have to pay for gasoline without taxes-taxes
Uniti In the headquarters of the federal association of medium-sized mineral oil companies Unii shows a table what the current petrol and diesel prices would be if the state would not charge tax on it

Taxes: The state has never been so greedy

Even if the current increase is largely caused by the oil demand, you quickly forget how much the tax authority is now at the petrol pump. At the headquarters of the Federal Association of Medium -sized mineral oil companies.V. (Uniti) This becomes clear in Berlin – with a fuel price table that shows the prices without taxes:

  • For the liter of diesel, drivers currently only have to put down only 70 cents per liter.
  • The liter of Super E10 would only cost 65 cents per liter.

That diesel would be more expensive than gasoline is due to the low taxation for diesel fuel, which critics also "Diesel privilege" is called that one should abolish for reasons of tax justice. The composition of the fuel price (as of October 2021) shows how high the proportion of taxes is, using the example of a liter super (1.60 euros):

  • Product procurement: 46.13 cents of the total price
  • Contribution margin: 25.21 cents
  • Mineral oil tax: 65.45 cents
  • VAT: 25.99 cents

Super 65 cents, diesel 70 cents: We would have to pay for gasoline without taxes-super

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CO2 tax does not only affect drivers

The contribution margin includes costs for transport, warehousing, legal storage, administration, sales and legally required petrol-delicacies. And there is another factor: the CO2 tax – officially it will be "CO2 price" called-according to eco tax and vehicle tax, the third CO2-based tax that drivers have to pay is already. "Designally, this results in CO2 costs of 5.8 cents per liter as well as for diesel and heating oil of 6.625 cents per liter without VAT for Super Petrol for Super Petrol for Super Petrol for Super Value Tax. Including VAT for Superzin CO2 costs of 6.9 cents per liter as well as for diesel and heating oil of 7.884 cents per liter", the Federal Association of Medium -sized mineral oil companies calculates.

So the CO2 tax is not the biggest chewing in the price. But it will continue to increase in the future. The next jump up will take place in January 2022. Not only drivers are affected, but also millions of tenants and homeowners are also affected by exploding heating oil and natural gas prices. The price is currently 25 euros per ton – for the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) much too low: only at a price of more than 100 euros per ton "Steering effect" unfolded, said UBA boss Dirk Messner "Germany radio".

Electro-car subvivies must be paid

Significant additional costs for taxpayers, on the other hand, cause the subsidies for electric cars. Over the entire service life, fiscal effects of more than 20.000 euros per vehicle together, when driving electrically instead of burners in the upper middle class, a study by Deutsche Bank shows. An end is not in sight: In order to achieve the German expansion goals for e-mobility, the purchase bonus is to be continued.

Like the Italian, tastes around the corner: Lachs pasta in creamy tomato sauce

Super 65 cents, diesel 70 cents: We would have to pay for gasoline without taxes-gasoline

Dining Like the Italian, tastes around the corner: Lachs pasta in creamy tomato sauce

Up to 120 km/h in the lowlands and the risk of storm flood! The hurricane time plan for today

Super 65 cents, diesel 70 cents: We would have to pay for gasoline without taxes-gasoline

Weather Channel Up to 120 km/h in the lowlands and the risk of storm flood! The hurricane time plan for today

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13 thoughts on “Super 65 cents, diesel 70 cents: We would have to pay for gasoline without taxes”

  1. Motorists finance cycle paths, train, OPVN ….!
    The tax share of fuels not only finances the road construction for cars, but is misused for many things. Scholz and Habeck are guilty of where they want to collect the missing tax. Maybe you can also leave the matter to Scheuer, who may have success with a toll for bike paths.

  2. Conversion
    The tax share of fuels essentially finances the social expenditure. The road construction and the infrastructure are dismantled – renovations and expansion are largely idle. You can see that everywhere.

  3. High fuel prices
    The state will soon fall on the feet with its greedy fingers. In the steel industry, we have over € 20021 less in the wallet in 2021, then the high fuel prices because of the high taxes, an average citizen with medium income by € 50-100 more for the fuel. Then rent additional costs electricity foods will also be around 10-30% more expensive. Means a citizen with medium income can no longer even go out or go to buy clothes spontaneously. A bigger vacation is not inside either. The state no longer has to worry about the climate or other things. Because there will soon be no more Germany when small and medium -sized companies were broken and there are only mrd heavy companies that get richer and richer.

  4. and
    If the sale of fuels will drop and less driven? The state becomes even greedy and in January the next CO2 hammer comes to fuels . I wonder when more and more buying the carts, the state is also lost mineral oil tax! Then the rip -off starts at the charging stations .

  5. High energy prices: Merkel rejects market interventions
    So Merkel on the EU summit. Electricity: EEG levies, concession, levy in accordance with the KWKG KWKG KOMPORTH HIMMENT COMPUTION Act, regulated network charges, levy according to § 19 of the electricity network fee regulation, offshore network levy, levy for switch-off loads, national CO2 price … Petrol: Energy tax, eco tax, petroleum supply levy, national CO2 Price = everything free market economy. Then funding for electric cars, solar roofs, new heating systems, energetic house"renovation", Wind power and solar parks, biogas plants u.V.m. Everything is free market economy

  6. Has everything
    one "Steering effect", As wanted. The income of all sections of the population is always rejected promptly into the tax bag, under the guise of the market economy, so that it can be re -sponsored again, in the truest sense of the word. As long as we, the state FF. The government, transferring billions without consideration abroad, we can clearly pay too many taxes and levies

  7. The fuel price is
    far too low!!! Since there is no noteworthy or. No protests are in order – ergo, keep it up. Only when it hurts does the population defend itself and should not be worth the world rescue?? Anyone who moaned should have been overwhelming whether they can afford such costly hobbies. Anyone who wants to go to the good and morally superior zaehlen must also be willing to make their sacrifices.

  8. I would be interested in what this
    immense tax revenues are used. Certainly not for the maintenance of the highways. For this there is the vehicle tax. The diesel petrol engineer, for example, pays the e-premium for the Porsches of the Reichen ? Only the little employee can’t even afford the VW ID3. So what are the additional billions used for ? Especially since the future coalition is already questioning the debt brake. We have less and less in our wallet and the state is swimming in increasing taxes. Maybe you could also secure borders in Germany. But that won’t be anything. A state in the middle of the EU does not need to secure its limits. Schengen works, or not. Probably not !

  9. Finance
    The 2-3 million of immigrants who do not earn money and receive all-round care. Then you know where the funds go and further this government distributes funds in half the world

  10. The price driver at fuel
    is primarily the government, because the skin a triple taxation at the price and now the CO² tax. But the Germans do not earn it otherwise, because a) choose the same, which are responsible for and b) they never defend themselves either. Just stay away and go on for a few weeks of work – if everyone can do it, the companies can not terminate anyone and if it becomes felt on the money, the government would have to act out of coercion. But the Germans lack a rebel gene for that. Better swallow every bitter pill and follow your loved one: whine

  11. That is good news
    Good to know that so much hard worker money from taxed money flows to the state. I am sure that the income from petrol tax is used especially for infrastructure and the environment so that the expensive taxes are worthwhile. It is not the case that revenue from petrol tax for other projects in the household, or?


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