Super battery made in Schwaben: Porsche builds its e-car battery in Tubingen-News

Porsche accelerates on an electric drive when converting its fleet: In addition to the purchase of batteries from the Volkswagen Group, high-performance cells will be built in Tubingen in the future. A second work is also to be created in Sweden. We have already tested the Porsche Taycan in the video.

Porsche sees itself confirmed with its electrical sports car. Taycan, built since 2019. The battery strategy of the parent company Volkswagen is therefore planning a total of six battery cell factories in Europe by the end of 2030 in order to cover the need for batteries and to reduce dependence on manufacturers and suppliers from the Far East. In these works, however, the so -called "unit cell" is to be produced with the VW cost -saving to equip its mass models. In Tubingen, on the other hand, Porsche wants to develop and manufacture high-performance cells for its electric sports cars, Porsche boss Oliver Blume said in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS). So it will be similar to the previous high-performance combustion engines, which have also been developed and built in Germany.

Super battery made in Schwaben: Porsche builds its e-car battery in Tubingen-News-porsche
Press Inform Super battery made in Swabia: Porsche builds its e-car battery in Tubingen

Own battery production of importance

Even if the German car manufacturers and suppliers have been afraid due to high investment costs so far, Porsche could benefit from the VW group with his project with his project of synergy effects. Of the six planned locations, only Salzgitter and the Swedish SkellefteƄ have been confirmed. In the latter, VW works with the battery start-up Northvolt and will produce high-performance cells, similar to in Tubingen. According to rumors, the VW-dot Seat is also given good chances to bring a location for the production of unit cells to Spain. With its strategy, VW also aims at competitors Tesla, who, in addition to works for car production, is also planning a giga factory for batteries in Europe. Your own battery creation is one of the key elements for the economy in the production of e-cars. The Swiss UBS-Bank carried out and found a study at LG Chem from South Korea a year ago, which is made using the CHEVY BOLT electric car of GM 52 percent of the value creation through the battery. To put it, only the body is built in Detroit and coordinated with the engine and the batteries of suppliers. For corporations such as VW, who have largely held the development and production of vehicles in their own hands, that would be a horror scenario.

Manufacturer from the Far East Leading for Battery Cells

What should not be forgotten is the predominant concentration and market power of battery manufacturers from Asia. The world’s largest producers are located in China, Japan or South Korea. Catl from China, whose customers include BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen, rose to number 1 in battery cells with subsidies of the Chinese state. LG Chem, Panasonic, Samsung SDI, BYD and SK Innovation are followed in the other places. In addition to the lack of know-how, Germany also lacks important raw materials for the production of battery cells. The much most important raw material lithium is mainly broken down and processed in Australia, Chile and China. The three companies Albemarie, SQM and Ganfeng deliver more than half of the lithium used in battery cells and none of these companies come from Germany or have production facilities here. It remains to be hoped that Volkswagen can use its good connections to Asian suppliers for the ambitious plans to build the battery cell production in Europe in order to implement them. So far, VW maintains strategic delivery relationships with LG Chem, Samsung SDI and SK Innovation for its electric cars in Europe as well as Catl for China and Europe. SK Innovation also covers the need for the American market.

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