Survey: E-car like – but please only new

Survey: E-car like - but please only new-e-car

The trend towards the E-car is unbroken. But only as long as it is a new car. For used electricity, however, the enthusiasm is limited. Only less than a third of the federal citizens could also introduce the purchase of a second-hand car. More than half are even skeptical, the rest is draw. This resulted in a Civey survey under 5013 respondents on behalf of the “Automobile Week”.

The most important reason for the negative attitude should be the rapid technological progress in E-cars, reports the magazine. Even one year old cars were already in place with regard to reach and charging speed compared to new models. All the more clear the difference if the car is already two or three years old. Another aspect: Buyers of a used e-car can not be sure how the previous owner has treated the battening. The expected life – similar to the mileage of an internal combustion engine – plays a crucial role. Detailed diagnostic possibilities – such as the main investigation – are not yet in use. After all, 37 percent of possible interested parties therefore detaches this risk in such a way that they would not buy a used electric car “by no means”.

However, younger people show significantly more open-minded. In the age group of 18- to 29-year-olds are supporters and skeptics with 47 to 49 percent even almost okay. With increasing age shrinks – possibly also because of the increasing financial possibilities – the approval for the purchase of a used E-car is noticeable, it is called “automotive “. The over 65-year-olds thus achieves their low point with 22 percent. Conversely, the rejection in this age group increases at 63 percent to a high.

An association arises with the political attitude of the respondents. According to the report, the proportion of potential used electricians in green voters (47 percent) by far the highest. Behind this follow voters of the left (36 percent) and the SPD (31 percent). Under the followers of CDU / CSU and AFD, however, only about 20 percent of an electric car can be presented from the previous property. Overall, however, the number of skeptics overweight across all parties. Little influence on the decision, however, have the place of residence, it says. Whether on the shallow country or in metropolitan areas: the values pendulates close by 30 percent approval and 55 percent rejection.

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4 thoughts on “Survey: E-car like – but please only new”

  1. My used 6 years old age is still excellent after another 3 years. I did not want a new car at that time. But with the current premiums you would also be stupid if you buy a used. I think the premium has broken the used car prices pretty broken.


  2. In addition to the story with the buying bonus is, in my view, the very small model / brand variety is the problem.
    For the new car the model offensive just 2021/22 is really started. Until the large area arrives on the used car market it takes 5-10 years.

    If you are z.B. My usual wisher vehicles (German middle class limousine) looks at the used car market is at most hybrid.

  3. In a burner, I usually do not know how the previous owner has treated the car.
    In the E-car I usually have the possibilities to read the condition of the battery if the manufacturer permits.
    In the burner I would have to send an oil sample to the lab.

  4. First of all: The mention of the AFD pendants could have saved the author to us in his statistics. This group human is not existent for me ..
    I think the post goes most important point, when he speaks of the ‘purchase’ used electric car. I am the firm conviction that for the reasons mentioned, only the leasing of E vehicles makes sense. In addition to the idiotically high cost of these cars, the leasing rates are still a number higher than comparable combustors, because the leasing companies can not yet judge the residual values of their vehicles, but cheaper will be the leasing under the line yet.
    Experts to the front ..


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