Survey of the car toll: yes, but

Survey of the car toll

Yes but

Survey of the car toll: yes, but-toll
ADAC In Austria there has been a toll obligation for years

Traffic experts are split, but German drivers find a car toll but obviously not that bad. At least that’s the result of a survey.

In Berlin, the dispute over the car toll has been smoldering between the coalition parties, it almost seems to have arrived in the population: 58 percent of the participants stated in a survey that they were ready to accept a motorway toll. The magazine "Auto Motor und Sport" had 1.675 readers interviewed.
However, the supporters placed a condition: The income from the fee would have to flow completely in the preservation and expansion of the German street infrastructure. Then the respondents would pay an average of 79 euros for a vignette. For comparison: in Austria the "Pickerl" costs around 80 euros, 33 euros in Switzerland.
However, the group of drivers is also large, which rejects a toll for more than 50 euros. A fee of a maximum of 50 euros would accept 38 percent. At the same time, however, the acceptance of a toll up to 100 euros is relatively large, a price between 76 and 100 euros would accept 31 percent of drivers surveyed. The acceptance of a motorway toll is drastically decreased above the 100 euros mark.
A survey in ARD Germany trend comes to a similar result. After that, 59 percent support a toll for which German drivers should receive compensation for the vehicle tax. 39 percent reject the advance of CSU boss Horst Seehofer but also circular route.

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