Survey trend: The German dream car is economical and black


The German dream car is economical and black

Survey trend: The German dream car is economical and black-dream

Germans love their cars in black, as a recent survey has shown. It should also be economical and comfortable

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Almost every fifth German wants to buy a new car by the end of next year – ten years ago there were twice as many. That is the result of a recent survey. Most of them have quite specific ideas, which should only please one of the German manufacturers.

D.he new car should be economical, black, and air-conditioned.

Preferably a sedan with a petrol engine – this is how people in Germany want their new car, according to a survey by the mineral oil company Aral.

After all, one in six people is interested in alternative drives in natural gas and electric cars.

In the car dealership, according to the survey “Trends in car buying”, customers expect a discount of 14 percent on the list price.

If you choose a car, the first thing you will look at is the price and consumption.

When it comes to body shapes, the sedan is clearly one step ahead – even if small cars are particularly in demand at the moment. The station wagon, on the other hand, has lost its status.

The preferred color is still the classic black, which every fourth buyer chooses, followed by silver.

When it comes to equipment, the Germans rely on more luxury: nothing works without ABS, air conditioning and electric windows. Hands-free equipment and alarm systems, on the other hand, are less in demand than a few years ago.

Alternative drives such as electric cars remain a niche, more than three quarters of buyers prefer classic gasoline and diesel engines. Only a third of those surveyed would buy an electric car. However, 77 percent of those surveyed are willing to pay up to 2000 euros extra for it.

Because of the economic crisis and the expiring scrapping premium, the desire to buy is likely to decrease. Around 18 percent of those surveyed want to buy a car by the end of 2010 – that’s only half as many as in 1999. Many drive their car longer than before, so a car on Germany’s roads is eight years old on average. "The automotive industry is still a long way from overcoming the crisis," is the conclusion of the study.

The situation is very different from brand to brand: Volkswagen is the winner of the crisis. Around 22 percent of potential buyers want to buy a VW model – also because of the brand’s environmentally friendly image.

In contrast, compared to previous surveys, interest in the German manufacturers Opel, Audi and BMW has decreased. For the survey, the Institute for Automotive Market Research surveyed 1163 drivers nationwide.

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