Sustainability: Microlino weighs with driver & luggage less than a battery of an E-SUV

Sustainability: Microlino weighs with driver & luggage less than a battery of an E-SUV-luggage

The Microlino is now no longer an unknown E-vehicle, at least here at electric car In a variety of articles we have already reported on the Swiss electric vehicle. For episode # 143 of our podcast I have invited Merlin Ouboter, one of the two managing directors behind the Microlino, to talk. Even before the IAA 2021 in Munich, we expect ourselves to develop the development of recent years and what awaits us in the future by Microlino.

Finally, we reported that the company behind the Swiss Stromber Microlino 2.0., Micro Mobility, once again announced progress in the development of the vehicle. Meanwhile you have the structure of the third microlino 2.0 prototypes completed. With this new interior, an optional folding roof and an even minimalist design in the electricity. How Merlin could talk about this prototype also the template for the current series streams, which should be transferred to serial production after IAA 2021.

It is planned that the E-vehicle comes from Switzerland with three battery levels and thus with a corresponding variable range. Compared to the first variant of the Microlino from 2018, the family company has developed the electricity strongly. Meanwhile, higher safety standards, the design in the exterior, as well as in the interior have changed greatly. Has remained the popular drop form, which found true fans in the MicroLino community. Fans and companions who significantly shape the E vehicle as Merlin points out. All details about Microlino 2.There are not yet available; A few Schmankerl wants to keep you for the IAA.

At least we could learn that 2021 first copies should be delivered in Switzerland. Other countries are then supplied in 2022. From then you would like to drive the series production towards Peak. This manufacturing peak moves according to current planning around the 7.000 to 8.000 vehicles per year. Together with the partner Cecomp, a new company, Microlino Italia, founded, which will be responsible for production in Turin. This is the fact that the family business never wanted to become manufacturer at the beginning of the Microlino project. But you have recognized that this is the only way to control the quality while reducing the production costs at the same time. The assembly line is located on the grounds of Cecomp in La Loggia, Turin,.

There, sustainability also plays a role as the entire creation and manufacturing process of Microlino 2.0. Merlin could convey in conversation that the Stromber is quite a good choice for the urban everyday life, but also beyond. But just in the city he plays his strength. The field of SUV. Again, he has an opinion and lets alone by the statement that the Microlino, with driver and luggage, less weighs than the battery of an E-SUV, deep. Vehicles such as the Audi E-Tron, the Tesla Model X or the Mercedes EQC serve as a comparison. Definitely an announcement, because this more weight and raw materials, must first be damaged.

Finally, one can hold, even these E-SUV have their purpose. But sometimes – and probably not so little – is less sometimes more. At least if you consciously deal with your own requirement profile to an e-vehicle / electric car. Enough of the introductory words, listen to the interview with Merlin Ouboter in the electric car news.Net podcast and learn himself what the Swiss family business has planned for the future.

You are welcome to send me questions about e-mobility by mail, which deal with you in everyday life. The answer to it could also be of interest to other listeners of the podcast. As always, reviews, comments and co. Of course I am happy. So gladly, also for the topic suggestions already mentioned. And about a positive rating, at the podcast provider of your choice, I am of course very happy! thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Sustainability: Microlino weighs with driver & luggage less than a battery of an E-SUV”

  1. Presumably you can not feel more than a small jerk by going through his SUV, if a driving companion hurls without ESP with smooth roads in the oncoming traffic.

  2. I would have liked to belong to the podcast, but this tone I did not want to do myself.

    It is probably not at the built-in speaker of my Notesbook, because the sound is sufficiently good for other websites. When electric car news.Net can not afford better hardware and software for its podcasts, then rather do without it and possibly. Use a text log.

    I have been informed otherwise.

    In September, the finished car will be presented at the IAA in Munich, and shortly thereafter, the Swiss want the first copies Prices from 12.500 euro deliver. Initially a few hundred specimens in their own, before the Italian development partners and body manager Cecomp from 2022 up to 10.000 cars in the year should put on the tiny wheels.


    The battery pack is hidden in the bottom of the vehicle. … powered is the Swiss electric car from a rear mounted Electric motor with 20 kW (27 hp), which allows a maximum of 90 km / h.

    (Source: ADAC.DE – 19.07.2021)

    Microlino should update the data on its website, there is z.B. still “Motor 11kw“.

  3. In itself an interesting idea of this Microlino. I wonder if the safety of the occupants is really guaranteed? After all, you are with max. 90kmh on the way. ABS ESP and airbags I think is indispensable. Even a ride warning is no longer a luxury today. Without these additives, I would not want to drive with it. But as I said, I find the idea right, it does not need huge luxury cars in the cities. This is just no room anymore. The cities in the future are primarily the slow traffic and the OV. If people are not reasonable enough to understand that, you have to introduce measures so that changes. Even if that should not light up.

  4. Suitable for this topic the current quarks and Co broadcast ..

    https: // http://www.wdr.DE / Program Preview / Wdrfernsehen / Broad / 2021-08-26 / 50019303 / Quark SUV-CO-Why-become-Our-cars-always-grown-.HTML

    The only function of such a thing is motionous look. A Dacia Lodgy has smaller dimensions (up to the height) as a BMW X5 but significantly more useful space. Optional 7 full seats, but is not good as a status symbol.



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