Svolt: 14.6-GWH battery delivery in the Lishui district in Nanjing, China

Svolt: 14.6-GWH battery delivery in the Lishui district in Nanjing, China-battery

Svolt, a global high-tech company from China, announces this year already the expansion of its own production capacities in China. 200 GWH Global production capacity up to 2025 should be available. At the beginning of July 2021, a corresponding agreement was signed with the Chinese Lishui Development Zone in Nanjing. The object of the agreement is the construction of a battery production with a total capacity of 14.6 GWh and an investment amount of approximately 730 million euros.

In two phases, Svolt wants to achieve the total capacity of 14.6 GWh. Thus, initially about 340 million euros should be invested in order to achieve a production capacity of 6.6 GWh. In the second phase, an investment of about 390 million euros should follow, with an increase in production capacity of 8 GWh. In this phase, the production area should grow by about 23 hectares.

“I am pleased to see how successfully Svolt develops from a flourishing high-tech company to a significant global player in the industry.”- Kai-Uwe Wollenhaupt, President Svolt Europe & Vice President Svolt Energy Technology

Furthermore, the company also intends to set up the production of batteries for hybrid vehicles in pouch format in the Lishui region. The targeted 14.6 GWh total capacity are also an important step for Svolt to achieve a globally installed total capacity of 200 GWh by 2025. Hongxin Yang, Svolt President and General Manager, arranges the whole thing as follows: “Svolt is currently in a crucial phase: We build our production capacities and accelerate deliveries. The signing of the contract with the Lishui district in Nanjing will further increase the production capacity of Svolt, satisfy the increasing demand for customers and also contribute to the development of the new energy industry as well as the economy and society on site.”

Background: The Chinese battery manufacturer Svolt Energy announced the start of its cobalt-free battery line in mid-May 2020. The battery technology should enable a range of more than 800 kilometers and up to 880 kilometers per battery charge, with a lifespan of more than 15 years or. 1.2 million kilometers. In mid-January 2021, the official message that the Svolt Kobalt-free battery cells can be ordered worldwide.

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