Svolt announces cobalt-free battery for up to 880 km reach

Svolt announces cobalt-free battery for up to 880 km reach-svolt

The Chinese battery manufacturer Svolt Energy has announced the start of its cobalt-free battery line at the beginning of the week on a youtube streamed event. The battery technology should enable a range of more than 800 kilometers and up to 880 kilometers per battery charge, with a lifespan of more than 15 years or. 1.2 million kilometers, so Yang Hongxin, the president of Svolt Energy Technology.

Svolt, the former battery business unit of the Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor, took its activity as an independent company in 2018. At the event Yang Hongxin said that some key problems on the way to practical application of cobalt-free materials have not yet been solved well. Svolt, on the other hand, have achieved enormous progress mainly in terms of life. Industry connoisseurs say that cobalt-free anode materials should play an important role in the growth of the electro-automatic.

The cobalt-free cell of the emerging battery manufacturer is designed to be in nothing possible according to enterprise information of the performance of a common NCM-811 cell. At the same time, material costs should decrease by 5 to 15 percent and the unit cost of the cells by up to 5 percent. In addition, the new cordless chemistry should have a better heat resistance and be safer than previous technologies. The renunciation of the controversial raw material cobalt also improves the environmental balance of batteries.

The pilot line for production is completed, now the product first go to small series production. The final product for a large-scale use is expected to be launched in the second half of 2021.

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8 thoughts on “Svolt announces cobalt-free battery for up to 880 km reach”

  1. … a range of more than 800 kilometers and up to 880 kilometers per battery charge ..

    What is that? Keep us completely remotely?
    In addition, the range depends on the built-in capacity, and you could also install 2 tons of battery with 2000 km range in a car.
    Sorry, but sometimes you ask yourself who should be Veralbert.

  2. Meanwhile, such news comes weekly from all over the world. You can believe it only when it works on the market. It would be nice, on the other hand, if all manufacturers would agree on a significant standard when it comes to capacities. So the comparability would be given, such as Z.B KWh per kilo Weight … Price per kWh. The reaches are pure imagination values.

  3. Since when is cobalt in the anode? Common language usage for the limetallic oxide is cathode. (In addition to the fact that it turns it when unloading / charging …)

  4. And again this nonsense with the range. I come with each battery 800 km far, if I only take enough of it. Completely not that.
    Decisive is the energy density.
    But unfortunately you read nothing to do that.

  5. The article is unworthy of an electric car portal!
    I’m sorry, for me reads, as if only halfway on the subject of matching press releases cooperate.
    You can do that better ..

    That the name capacity has naturalized for the indication of energy content in kWh colloquially, so I can still live :-).

  6. From a specialist journalist I expect a relevant, detailed statement. Even with today’s battery technology, a range of more than 800 km is possible by a battery or battery. Battery set with appropriate capacity (KWh) installed (which is known to fail to weight and costs).
    An expert statement would be the indication of the energy density (Wh / kg) of this Chinese, cobalt-free battery and the battery costs per kWh.


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