Svolt: Battery without cobalt mature for the series

Svolt: Battery without cobalt mature for the series-cobalt

The future of e-mobility is always associated with the discussion about sensitive raw materials. Researchers and engineers worldwide are therefore working to replace these materials gradually. The company Svolt Energy with headquarters in China, now has introduced the world’s first production standard battery without cobalt (NMX). That’s out of a message. The first vehicle, which benefits from the novel battery, be the Ora Cherry Cat by Great Wall Motors, says. He was exhibited at this year’s Chengdu Motor Show.

As the company explains, the cobalt-free high voltage stored in the ORA vehicles contained standardized MEB modules with thermal insulation materials in aerospace quality. Since 2020, the system in Ora prototypes has undergone a hardness test on the streets. To more than 800.000 kilometers have passed the battery comprehensive performance and safety tests.

According to Svolt, the cobalt-free battery can save a total of 82.5 kWh electricity at an energy density of 170 Wh / kg / kg. Under normal temperature conditions, the Ora Cherry Cat thus creates a range of more than 600 kilometers – with acceleration performance from 0 to Tempo 100 in less than five seconds. In addition, the tightness to water and dust is certified according to IP67.

In order to bring the NMX batteries to serial maturity, Svolt has invested in the cobalt-free research and development technology for several years. Converted more than 65 million euros in the research and development of the new technology. Around 1200 employees and 120 designated material and battery experts are involved in the project.

“The availability of cobalt is an important topic as worldwide reserves are valued at only about 7.1 million tonnes,” Svolt European Chef is quoted Kai-Uwe want in the message. Cobalt will be scarce in a few years and the price continues to rise. Therefore, Svolt wants to continue to occupy a guide roller within the battery industry. “We consider the battery cell without cobalt as an important milestone on the way to a more sustainable electromobility.”

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  1. Svolt Energy […], has now introduced the world’s first production-ready battery without cobalt (NMX).”

    Already this sentence is nonsensical -> LFP batteries (are also lithium-ion batteries but have already been contained since the beginning (more than 10 years ago) no cobalt!


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