Svolt: Cobalt-free cells and high-performance battery for hybrid cars

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Svolt: Cobalt-free cells and high-performance battery for hybrid cars-cobalt-free

The Chinese battery manufacturer Svolt has on the 14. China International Battery Fair (CIBF) in Shenzhen presented its novelties. Among other things, a new pouch-shaped high-performance battery cell was specifically for use in hybrid vehicles (Hybrid Electric Vehicle, HEV) and a completely cobalt-free battery cell.

At the 5.2-AH Pouch Battery Cell for Hybrid Svolt Set a high-power design with a power density of 6500 W / kg and a high energy density of 112 Wh / kg / kg for pure HEV battery cells, the manufacturer in one current message. With more than 35.000 cycles also reach the battery one of the current industrial passage longest cycle life with a high charging and discharge time of 3c / 3c in the area recommended for HEV of 30 to 80 percent State of Charge (SOC, state of charge). Excellent performance also deliver the cell in the low temperature range: even at -35 ° C and a charge of only 30 percent, a cold start should be easily possible.

Also on high-voltage storage plane convince the new product of Svolt. Thus, the HEV pack achieves a higher efficiency than comparable products of competitors due to an improved ratio of battery cell and pack energy. It is also possible in a wide temperature range of -35 ° C to +60 ° C. The battery pack is also equipped with a battery management system (BMS), which reaches the Automotive Safety Integrity Level C (ASIL C) and a SOC accuracy of up to 3 percent.

Cobalt-free NMX cells go in production in June

For the Chinese market of light electric vehicles, Svolt also presented at the fair a cylindrical battery cell in the format 21700, which will be available in the future with a variety of cell chemicals – including LFP and NMC -. They fulfill the common safety standards of the industry and should thus improve the general system security of lightweight construction applications. However, the new products will be available at first alone in the Chinese market. They are not planned for the EU market.

According to great interest, the manufacturer also came to the new, completely cobalt-free NMX battery cells of the company. In addition to VDA and MEB formats, Svolt has introduced battery cells in one’s own L6 format. L cells are long battery cells in a thin prismatic design with laterally positioned electrodes and degassing valves. Start should start the series production of the NMX cells already available worldwide in June 2021 in Jintan, China.
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