Svolt Energy wants to double battery production almost to 2025 to 600 GWh

Svolt Energy wants to double battery production almost to 2025 to 600 GWh-double

The Chinese battery manufacturer Svolt Energy plans to achieve a maximum production capacity of 600 GWh by 2025 and thus turns into a number of several other battery companies that were more and more ambitious expansion plans in terms of cell production. Svolt shows particularly ambitious: the 600 GWh are almost twice the previous goal of Svolt of 320 GWh. And exceeding those 520 GWh, Catl, currently China’s largest cell manufacturers, expected by 2025.

Yang Hongxin, Chairman and CEO of Svolt, said that worldwide demand for lithium batteries for electrification and energy storage is expected to exceed 1.8 TWh in transport by 2025 and that the company wants to conquer 25 percent of the worldwide market share.

However, the 600 GWh does not plan Svolt exclusively for electromobility and not necessarily as a production target. Svolt is from a capacity utilization of its maximum total capacity of 75 percent and thus 450 GWh. Of these, 340 GWh should be delivered to the car area and the rest goes into other applications such as stationary energy storage and commercial vehicles. According to Yang, Svolt already received pre-orders of 400 GWh for the year 2025.

Svolt was split in 2018 from the Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor and start-up financed. The company focuses on the research and development of cobalt-free and solid-state batteries and has F&E-centers in Japan, South Korea, the United States, India, Wuxi, Baoding and Shanghai.

The company currently has eight production sites with a capacity of 297 GWh under construction, including 30 GWh capacity built in Europe: in Saarland.

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