Svolt starts with manufacturing for cobalt-free NMX battery cells

Svolt starts with manufacturing for cobalt-free NMX battery cells-manufacturing

The Chinese battery manufacturer Svolt Energy announced the start of its cobalt-free battery line in mid-May 2020. The battery technology should enable a range of more than 800 kilometers and up to 880 kilometers per battery charge, with a lifespan of more than 15 years or. 1.2 million kilometers. In mid-April, the company now begins with the cathode material production to produce the cobalt-free NMX battery cells in series from June 2021.

Already in mid-January 2021, the official communication took place that the Svolt cobalt-free battery cells can be ordered worldwide. The necessary for the battery cells, cobalt-free cathode material is manufactured in Jintan, in the east of China. Already at the beginning of the year, pilot production with 10 tonnes of cobalt-free cathode material in the battery cell factory could be completed successfully. Every year in the cell factory in Jintan in their current expansion stage now 5.000 tonnes of the central material for cobalt-free battery production made.

The cobalt-free battery cells are offered first in two sizes. These come on the market as nickel-manganese battery cells (NMX). These come completely without the heavy metal cobalt, which is otherwise used for the thermal stabilization of high-nickel battery cells (NCM). So that Svolt has so far the only company on the market, which has succeeded in bringing a high-nickel cellemia without cobalt to a mass-related industrial series maturity.

As the company gives to understand, one has developed a new cathode material for the cobalt-free NMX battery cells, which consists of 75 percent of nickel and 25 percent of manganese and completely without cobalt. The cathode is stabilized by specially developed doping and coating processes. Thus, NMX cells – even without cobalt – achieve higher thermal stability as well as overall safety than NCM811 cells. From June 2021 their series production in Jintan, China should start. At the end of 2023, the novel batteries can also be produced in the planned plant in Saarland.

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  1. From the article:

    “The battery technology should enable a range of […] up to 880 kilometers per battery charge …”

    With such “fog information” is rather little to start – Svolt also has the already previously made information of

    • an accessible energy density of 245 Wh / kg
    • such as
    • an achievable price advantage of 5% GGu. NMC technology

    once again confirmed?


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