Svolt thinks of Mine to Second Life to achieve CO2 neutrality

Svolt thinks of Mine to Second Life to achieve CO2 neutrality-svolt

Maxim Hantsch-Kramskoj is Vice President Sales & Marketing of Svolt Energy Technology Europe GmbH, in this function he was electric car news.Net in the podcast speech and answer via Svolt Energy, whose connection to electromobility and yet quite exciting growth plan for the coming four to five years and beyond. Hantsch-Kamskoj has been on Svolt since January 2020 and has since been allowed to experience a lot of growth.

Originally out of the Chinese automobile manufacturer Great Wall Motors outwards in 2012, the company has faked the company from the OEM in 2018 and has since serviced on the market since then. The connection to the own birthplace has been maintained and served Great Wall Motors with their own products. In addition, Geely, Dongfeng and Stellantis are among the company’s customers.

Understandable that one can concentrate with a broad customer layer from around the world not only to China. This drives Svolt Energy to achieve up to 2025 over 200 GWh annual capacity. Global is understood. The first European battery factory is built in Germany, in Saarland. For this location you have decided because, among other things, the place is present that own customers are nearby, as well as appropriate, qualified staff can be set locally. Svolt puts on the fact that through the change towards e-mobility, a portion of old jobs will have to be occupied, but new ones. A corresponding offer can be ensured by the battery cell factory in uberherrn and Heusweiler.

The Chinese battery manufacturer Svolt Energy announced the start of its cobalt-free battery line in mid-May 2020. The battery technology should enable a range of more than 800 kilometers and up to 880 kilometers per battery charge, with a lifespan of more than 15 years or. a millions of kilometers. In mid-July 2021, the serial production of the nickel-manganese battery cells (NMX) is started. On these points we have also entered and Hantsch-Kramskoj has classified the whole thing for us. It is interesting to learn that the NMX cell is not the egg-alloy wool milk sau, but it can just match the products of the manufacturers. For mass market streams, the NMX cell is ideal, with Performance Stromer also recommends Svolt other battery cells.

Towards the end of the conversation we have come to the topics of sustainability, recycling and SecondLife to speak. From my point of view, a section that would be worth alone the result. In this segment, the statement also liked that Svolt always thinks of the batteries in his processes from the mine to the Second Life, as they could only perform the “green, sustainable” change. How Svolt is in detail, that you learn from the common conversation with Maxim Hantsch Kramskoj in the current podcast episode. Have fun with the current episode.

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