Swiss judiciary now wants to hunt the brazen Gotthard raser in Germany

120 km/h too fast

Swiss judiciary now wants to hunt the brazen Gotthard raser in Germany

Swiss judiciary now wants to hunt the brazen Gotthard raser in Germany-hunt
dpa/sigi carpenter The Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland.

120 km/h was too fast Christian r. from Baden-Wurttemberg when he drove through the Gotthard tunnel. After he does not show any regrets, a Swiss cantonal politician now wants to struggle against the German racer.

After a German driver has received an absolute driving ban in Switzerland, Tessin’s cantonal judicial director Norman Gobbi wants to proceed with the full hardness of the law against the racer from Baden-Wurttemberg. The Swiss "Blick" reports that. Christian r. should no longer be allowed to enter Switzerland in the future.R. drove through the Gotthard tunnel in July 2014 at 200 km/h. The permissible top speed is 80 km/h. "I was bolted through like a monkey," commented the 42-year-old proudly against the "Blick" his action.

R. to Swiss: "You can’t drive a car"

In his absence R. then sentenced to 30 months in Switzerland. Justice Director Gobbi also wants the judiciary in Germany to receive a driving ban. The reason is that the Swabian has shown "so far no remorse".But that’s not all: "As soon as we have translated the written judgment into German, it goes to the Federal Office of Justice in Bern", says Gobbi. "The German Ministry of Justice is supposed to ask for this, Christian R. to detain in Germany."Christian r. Did that "View" said that he does not regret anything and do not understand the excitement. He also criticized the driving skills of the Swiss: "You can’t drive a car. (…) The driving style is unsure, the Swiss are simply not used to the pace on German highways."

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Swiss judiciary now wants to hunt the brazen Gotthard raser in Germany-hunt

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10 thoughts on “Swiss judiciary now wants to hunt the brazen Gotthard raser in Germany”

  1. "I am bolted like a monkey",
    This monkey property should be at least for a medical-psychological examination … rich, because apparently he has a problem with the character suitability for driving.

  2. Good approach!I would also be in favor of
    one booked the criminals among asylum seekers in their home countries.I think it would be daunting if z. B. A Somalier commits rape here and sitting in Somalia, the deterrent must be much higher than in our luxury hostel, which is called prisons.A corresponding agreement could be found with a few million "Development Assistance"Certainly meet.

  3. If the little one
    BergOlk once in the persecution of mass tax evasion, laundry of dictator funds and hiding in compulsive money would have also had such a diligentia… at and has "Willy Weinbrandt" The prison for trivialities (= administrative offenses) was abolished almost 50 years ago.

  4. Swiss judiciary wants to hunt Gotthard-Raser in D
    Clear boundaries must be shown to this racer. The Swiss authorities are absolutely right to pursue this racer in Germany too. It is not to be expected that this driver would drive differently in Germany than in Switzerland and that cannot be tolerated. Such drivers, bring such people "The Germans" abroad abroad. We Germans can’t want that!? I at least expect that we as Germans abroad adhere to the applicable law and show decency! I also expect that from every foreigner who is in Germany. Always according to the motto: "What you don’t want that you do you, no other." This is very simple if we follow it!

  5. I find it right
    He not only endangers himself, but also others. But there is one thing that really annoys me. If you are traveling Swiss on our streets, the right lawn. Then they get punishments that are ridiculous and don’t hurt. Then you should also take it so hard and punish just as hard.

  6. Oh…
    Suddenly Switzerland wants administrative assistance. The fact is that Swiss commuting to Germany every day to make the motorways unsafe here. They laugh at our punishments. If Switzerland wants a agreement to also be punished by driving license for its compatriots, the OK is. Unilaterally.

  7. Who is allowed to do what …
    Honestly … whether he may or not … Everyone involved does not know why or why – whether people are endangered or not – but honestly – that doesn’t matter to us – that’s the problem of the Swiss. Who drives you on dt. Motorways faster than 200? Drive on the freely travel and suddenly a crazy/disturbed (m/f) pulls out – of course overtakes 3 km before the actual auro comes…. These people are not pulled out of circulation … Honestly we shit with paperwork and bureaucracy … But the important things like zb radar controls / legal driving law (who does that!?!?!) Everyone drives sad land in the middle

  8. Prainment for an administrative offense?!
    The Swiss actually tick very cleanly? Sure, 120km/h is too fast, but if someone was not even injured, a prison sentence is absurd. Some violent offenders get away with less punishment. You get into jail in Switzerland when you park wrong or listen too loudly music? I wouldn’t be surprised

  9. Christian r. – driver’s license
    I am tough for the fact that such traffic paws like Christian R. The EU driver’s license is removed. The driving ban should apply across Europe, including. Switzerland, Norway etc. An MPU should have to be made before re -established. Anyone who drives a motorway tunnel parents at 200 km not only endangers themselves but also other drivers.

  10. Not suitable
    If someone thinks that km / h had to do with skill instead of km / hiring and this opinion defends this at the lowest level and so vehemently, then this person is truly unsuitable to carry a vehicle.


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